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Hello friends!
Today, 15 November 2010.
This means that today, exactly one and a half years since I lost a permanent job.
And exactly two months since my mother died.
And exactly a week since I was 52 years old.
And it turns out that I was now unemployed orphan fifty-two years old.
All this is quite grim: and in fact, and content.
Therefore, we should do something. Get out somehow right.
And to help others get out of this state.
So, what I did, because today has created this online resource for those like me.

I’m not going to cry or weep or give up.
On the contrary, I’m going to make lots of money and become completely independent from the State.
I’m tired of looking into the eyes of my employers and unwise to depict a wild enthusiasm for their every stupid word.
And also, I’m going to learn a profession that will help me live a wonderful away from this state.
This is my main goal.
I will not be afraid of and someone to depend on. The independence and courage.
I will not live for someone to someone else. Only for themselves and their families.
By the way, read a bunch of disk imaging in the internet: there are many ways to live without the pension that we would still be taken away.
I will slowly spread into the general access to the network.
And ask you to supplement.
Thank you, friends.
While we are united, We can not win !