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Life on Koh Samui – How much?

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More recently, in an article in Koh Samui – an island of happiness. How easy to be in Koh Samui. I talked about what to do to get into heaven.

Big Budda 500x375 Life on Koh Samui How much?
It’s time to tell about a fundamental component of life in paradise – the cost of this pleasure.

I will not yet write about purely individual preferences: shopping, surfing, diving, and other alkovinge surplus.

Only about prose. Only about:

How the minimum necessary to lay the money in monthly stay in Koh Samui?

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First and foremost – is to rent housing.

It all depends on your requirements and level of aspiration.

It is not difficult to find a very, very nice accommodations for 4-5 thousand baht a month. But you should be aware of the fact that this house may not have the internet (wi-fi), multi-channel TV, pool and air conditioning. And it is not located on the waterfront liniii, but a little distance. Otherwise, it will be quite decent housing.

It is also easy to find here a luxury villa of 200 square meters with its own private pool, garden, breakfast in bed, twists, and attendants. And it will cost from $ 300 per day. (Incidentally, such housing is often removed in a few families and live a commune, clover, and in total comfort.)

Usually, however, all who come to Samui is not relaxing, and live and work, remove the mid-range accommodation from 10,000 to 15,000 baht per month. Most often it requires a living room, kitchen, studio, 1-2 bedrooms, bathroom and terrace.

What is the cost to move to Koh Samui?

First of all we must realize that the island of Koh Samui is almost no pedestrian sidewalks. Therefore, in advance, leave the idea that you’re always walking and improve health. Uncomfortable, you know, stomp on the roadway. Yes, and far away – a large island, along the perimeter of 50 km, not much natopaeshsya.

Therefore, you are invited to choose from: a bicycle, taxi, motorcycle taxi, bus («tuk-tuk»), motorbike or car rental.

You can buy a bicycle. Brand new in the store costs about 2,000 baht. And you can buy with it very cheaply.

Taxis are prohibitively expensive on Koh Samui. Get ready to spread at least 200 baht per trip, even on the next street. But you can haggle.

The most democratic way to travel to Koh Samui – a motorbike. In fact, of course, all-just a moped, but now pathetically called motorbikes. Motorbike is easy to master any brow regardless of age and gender. And you can walk anywhere and anytime. Get ready for the rental motorbike from 3000 baht to put in a month. That is, from 100 to 150 baht a day.

Car hire is not a problem. A minimum of 600 baht a day – and it’s yours.


How much does a meal on the island of Koh Samui?


Then a huge room for imagination. You can prepare yourself, and buy products in the local minimarket, markets and supermarkets. Theoretically, you can eat and 30 baht per day, as the food is very cheap. But drinking water is also necessary to buy, because from the tap to drink heavily is not recommended. Although water is too cheap – 14 baht poltorashka. Or in the machine – 7 baht per liter.

Still it is possible to buy ready-made food in makashnitsah. Who invented the word «makashnitsa» is unknown, but it is not a local etymology. In fact, makashnitsa – a mobile barbecue-barbekyushnitsa. In makashnitsah sell skewers of meat and seafood at a price of 10 baht. Grilled chicken. Hot to fish. Sviniku, baked on the grill. Salads. And so on. the maximum price that I had found in this abundance – 50 baht for baked catfish. Vkusnuypirogek … mmmm …

Establishments on Samui are countless. Sploshnyakom edalni. Any Kitchen from European and Russian to Indian and Thai. On average, the average meal of meat or seafood with vegetables and ice, plus the neck of the fresh fruit (or drink, or coffee) will cost 200 baht.

Oh, and frequency are common all sorts of mobile pancake-zapekalni. Pancakes cooked with any filling.

So, it all depends on your own fantasies and tastes. And of course the purse.

But on Koh Samui for a day we have the following average cost average Farang: 400 baht – housing, 100 baht – motorbike rentals, 100 baht – food. Total: 600 baht per day. Or 18,000 baht per month.


It is easy to see that if you take your Russian apartment to rent, the income from this lease will cover all your expenses on Samui. And something that even the left. icon wink

You are welcome!

IMG 3333 500x347 Life on Koh Samui How much?

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