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Pensions in Russia in 2012

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shutterstock 28291987 500x466 Pensions in Russia in 2012
As already stated above, in 2011, not fulfilled all the promises of the party and government on pension increases.

In particular, the hopes of the pensioners that the pension will be increased from 1 August 2001.

Future Past President Putin in April, sort of like prinarodno promised increases in pensions since August. And in July, sharply handed back, citing fraud in the fact that inflation in the first half was a little much.

But it turned out that the future former President Medvedev also suffers from amnesia. Since June, he promised one thing and now retired promise is another.

That is, term memory for both of our former presidents and future presidents of the future of the former one and the same – no more than 3 months. It is sad.

The level of health in the country is poor – can not treat even the president and prime minister.

But okay, let’s leave the lyrics alone, and see
that this time the authorities promised to retirees in the coming year 2012.

So, in 2012, we promise the following sweet cakes:

raise occupational pensions by at least 9.6%, ie bring the average size of pensions to 9,600 rubles ($ 300 per month);

raise the social pension is not less than 14.1%, ie bring the average size of pensions to 5771 rubles ($ 180 per month).


Remember those promises well. To ask what it was when the time comes.

Not to forget and not to confuse the better zakonspektiruyte. And then our dear (in the literal sense) government has a habit of «forget» their promises strictly within 3 months.
Regarding the timing of increase in pensions.

Both increase planned for 1 February 2012.

No more increases in 2012 will not be.

That’s true – why?

After the election, do not wave their fists and sticks do not give out.

After the election, will begin «tightening the screws».

Do not be surprised if, immediately after the inauguration of the new old president Putin, the country announced that it lives not affordable. And seniors will be the very first, who will show «gruel.» After all, this is according to officials, they «eat their homeland.»

Therefore, in 2014 already planned pension reform, which greatly strengthens social policy and reduces the social guarantees of the state in front of older people.

For your information:

At the present time in Russia, according to World Bank corruption turnover is about 50% of Gross National Product;
In 2012 military spending in Russia will grow by almost 100%.

Oh, and do not forget to read about how much fun retirement money burn the officials of the Pension Fund and the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

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