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Navalny of Putin: said the same rule will change not as a result of the election (video and poster)

Опубликовано Сен 26, 2011 в Interesting Video, State and society | Нет комментариев


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a7ed7 Screen shot 2011 09 26 at 2.01.52 PM Navalny of Putin: said the same rule will change not as a result of the election (video and poster)

1. I will have reserves of cognac, such that you can gutalinovuyu cognac factory shop open. Many stornniki «Bear-presidency» loved to argue.

2. The reasons for the return of Putin’s hardly possible to add something, but I already said a million times. For example, in an interview with «Vedomosti» in the summer of 2010:

In power, but only as the real head of the country – the only real guarantee for Putin and his family to the preservation of freedom and security.

3. September 24 was publicly declared a desire oz. Vladimir Putin to be a lifelong leader of our country. This is exactly what is not necessary to deceive themselves.
Medvedev and others act as Santa’s Little Helper (albeit with a very large salaries.)

4. The term of these guys are great nameryali itself. Want to live a long, rich and happy.
Bathrooms pantokrina of the Altai, the magic pill RUSNANO (tiny robots small axes travel on the vessels of the leaders, cutting cholesterol), a sandwich from the brain of a newborn panda every morning.
All this should allow the Kremlin Petrochemical Kings live to 150 years (and up to 120 years to appear regularly in public, bare-chested).
In short, much of what Sorokin wrote, is taken as the Programme of Action.
5. But Kremlezhuliki proposes and God disposes.
I am confident that events will develop in the spirit of the other popular stories, ending with «The king ordered to undress himself, crossed himself three times, bang the pot – and it is cooked.»

6. For objective and obvious reasons to reform the system of power itself can not and will continue to be the sole purpose of enriching and comfortable life for the organization gave an oath of loyalty and other parted forcibly gave the oath.
However, apart from the brain sandwiches stock panda, the country has many other problems.
These problems will worsen.
For example, it is understandable (and Putin, too) that the judicial system is completely flawed. But to change something it can not, because its main purpose is not a fair resolution of disputes and providing quasi-legal muhlezha the election, a ban of mass actions, unfair judgments on key matters, etc.

7. The role of corruption as a power base Kremlezhulikov increase.
That in such a system may be motivated to work well bureaucrat? Money. The dream of a yacht. «Here I am in torment deputy minister, will work like a galley slave stress, Saturday meetings, long working hours. Nabezhit But at a house in Spain and teaching English in a private school for the children.»
The trick is that after two months and the stress and Saturday meetings need only to dream of a house in Spain has become a reality. Surely there must be another deputy, who, the dog presses the subject and wants a house in Spain for himself.

Work we will be more, but it will be harder to do. Previously, in theory, looming change in the chief included some constraints. Now there are none.
Nothing going to play.

8. The universal and the only solution to all problems – «to allocate a certain number of billions of rubles» works less and less. And even the other hand, often leads to increased inequity.
Despite all these «Resorts of the North Caucasus» with the trillion-dollar budgets, we are waiting for the strengthening and spread of civil war in the Caucasus. Money flooded, turning the eyes of the poor in the local Porsche Kayeny, drive on rough roads, but will increase the tension.

9. Held de jure transition to Medvedev’s Party of Crooks and Thieves – the best of what has happened. Finally, the crooks, positioning themselves as «liberal-minded politicians with a pragmatic approach» can not find an excuse for his boring lately political prostitution, the sole purpose of which – just grab some money.
Subject: «I am a member of the team Medvedev» no longer works.
We all understand that these four years, Medvedev was just standing on the lookout.

10. Government Medvedev will succeed exactly to the same extent that was successful and his «fight against corruption,» declared a major political issue and ended with an absolute zilch.
No one in any way the loud anti-corruption process.
Even Putin was a matter of «werewolves in epaulettes.»
And then a dozen cops and fully convicted of tax on «business Magnitsky» put failed.

This will be the government Megafeyla.

11. My quote «power in Russia will change not as a result of the elections,» New York Times interview of love use all sorts of Nashi: lo! call for revolution! overthrow the government!

No, this is a call for an end to chaos and to restore constitutional order.
The king is not needed. The Russian people made the historic choice of the monarchy and refused.
Legal proceedings under the guise of a gang of thieves forcing us to be king, while relatively popular, but an impostor.
Pretender corrupt and harmful.

Popularity pass. Time is on our side. Pretender to finish as it is in our history has already happened.
putin Navalny of Putin: said the same rule will change not as a result of the election (video and poster)

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