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Earn Money Online. Testing affiliate programs.

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broker 500x392 Earn Money Online. Testing affiliate programs.

How it all began?

It’s been a short time since, when I wrote my full story of despair «How and where to make money or earn some money when you are older than 40 years?» Just something nine months ago. Honestly, if I had a rather vague idea of ​​what to do if you want to become independent of external circumstances. And even fewer have the idea that, as for the use of modern technology, including the Internet.

But 9 months is still held.

And during this time by all the canons of the genre, «child» was born.

What of that?

Now, with almost complete certainty, I can say that has learned to do many things that previously had no understanding.

For example, learned to write websites. And carefully examined the craft as a SEO (search engine optimization). It also has mastered the basic techniques and methods of SMO (social media optimization). And even pretty well mastered the skills of SMM (social media promotion). But the art of advertising and marketing (including Internet marketing), I was familiar with before, because this area, I specifically studied in the universities and the clever-oh-oh-ry long time (many years) practiced in the off-line.

All this knowledge. and skills have allowed me not only competently, efficiently, effectively and build beautiful websites, but also engage in some work (web design, web hosting services, layout, etc) bottlenecks specialist freelancers.

So I created my web-studio – «Studio Tatiana Samoilova»

logo en mini Earn Money Online. Testing affiliate programs.

‘Turnkey Websites’, Resuscitation and Reincarnation sites, Service, Support, Optimization, Promotion in search engines

View some of the work, and keep track of what and how they are formed, it is possible by clicking on this button cute:

All of what I wrote above, it was bringing me and my team a good income.

How to make money on the Internet even more?

Our life is interesting because it gives each of us almost unlimited possibilities. So I became interested in monetization sites: that is, receiving income from already established websites. And passive income – the word «passive» key here. Because it is assumed that you are sitting in an armchair, sipping tequila and watch football or sitcoms. A dripping money into your account! And while you freeloader, and most that neither is workaholic. Because you’re so clever all properly and cleverly done, and then set up that now … «Forgotten trouble, stopped running, inject robots, not people!»

And he moment of bliss: the first month brought me completely passive, but quite significant additional revenue of $ 350. However, I only came into his thick, thick wallets and watched as the droplets turned into a trickle of coins, and the trickle turned into rivulets, streams and turn into ….

But more about that later. Then explain in detail about it.

Let’s go back yet to the stated topic of this post.

Today I pay attention to this method of passive income like affiliate programs. They are called affiliate programs.

So I thoroughly rummaged in the Internet and learned a lot about it.

Affiliate – a collaborative way to earn money on the Internet.

How do affiliate programs?

As a rule, affiliate programs grouped according to application areas: financial topics affiliate programs, internet services, entertainment, dating, sharing services, online stores etc.

And I decided together with you to conduct an experiment: to test the most popular affiliate programs, try them and make for themselves some important conclusions about their effectiveness and efficiency.
Therefore, it is

today and right now I run the test program affiliate. I invite everyone to join.

The first two affiliate programs that I would like to test it online courses .

This topic interested me:

1. Affiliate of the English language using the Dragunkina и

2. Step by step method of losing weight.
Allow phonetic typing
Both courses are relevant enough for the reviews and are in great demand, so the problems with attracting new clients should not occur. Also, the advantages of affiliate programs include no minimum threshold for payments, higher affiliate fees. apparent advantage of these affiliate programs is that they have a multi-level referral system.

For example, if you decide to sell video courses to learn English by the method Dragunkina, then each unit of goods paid by your customers, you will get 540 rubles (17$). On average per month really find about 20 shoppers, and it is – 10800 rubles (373$). In addition, referrals from every sale you will be charged 270 (9$)rubles. Hence, it suffices to find a few active partners, and a great passive income is guaranteed.

Well, for that would determine the cons of these programs, we …

start testing affiliate.

However, it has already begun.

As of the test results, I’ll upload them in this thread. Please also unsubscribe those who joined the experiment.

Also in this issue I will lay out the test results of other affiliate programs that are still waiting for their turn.

I wish you all success and prosperity!

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