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Russians are rapidly getting poorer

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278829 kruto 500x459 Russians are rapidly getting poorer

In Russia, formed a subculture of poverty. More than half the population is spending money on food and housing services.

This is evidenced by the results of opinion polls and expert opinion. By the government’s development strategy for Russia is adjusted to 2020. Experts have already openly declared insolvent social and economic policies of the Russian authorities.

To exit from the terrible situation of the Russian authorities, according to experts, it is necessary to change social policy.

The report «A New Growth Model – a new social policy» states that in Russia began with the poor reproduction of the simultaneous formation of a special subculture of their poverty. Concentrations of children from poor families leads to a drop in the quality of human potential. Established an environment is not conducive to taking the initiative to the public.

Carriers of the subculture of poverty in Russia, 5 million people – without regard to the homeless and illegal immigrants. In large cities, this urban subculture forms the bottom, before missing in the Russian society in a form and scale.

In Russia, a backward organization environment: the environment, transport, medicine, social assistance, housing and utilities. Corruption eats a country like rust. Now the country is wasting himself by being a supplier of ideas and brains to other countries. People are leaving Russia, realizing the futility of life at home and for ourselves and for the children.

The pension system is not adequate to meet the needs of the middle class. It is assumed that the middle class alone will accumulate on your retirement, but he, as it turns out, does not have the financial resources to do so. Kremlin’s policy in respect of people of retirement and retirement age is embodied in the life – older people are perceived as unnecessary ballast power, from which must izbvitsya.

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In the first quarter of 2011, the number of Russians with incomes below the subsistence minimum (6986 rubles) has risen from 20.6 to 22.9 million compared to the first quarter last year. Below the poverty line (those who have incomes below) lived 2.3 million Russians.

Thus, we can say that, even in comparison with 2010 the situation has deteriorated and continues to deteriorate at the same pace.


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Experts say that in the next decade, expect little improvement should not be. The growth of welfare in the country is constrained by inflation. More than half of the population spend practically all their income on food and housing services.

«Murdered,» the regional center

In the city of Ivanovo region Kineshma two years ago at the same time stopped two large companies. Local residents, who became unemployed overnight, do not know how to live now. Another work in district no.

- I am ashamed in front of children. I can not buy them the most basic products. About me not talking. But the kids still need clothes, what school a go? – Says Irina kineshemka Pakhomov. – Textile mill closed, its employees have become beggars.

- Recently, I phoned a friend from Nizhny Novgorod and suggested: «Let’s Makhno in Egypt!» I laughed for me now to get something Ivanov – the problem is not easy! – Says another former textile mill worker Anna Streltsov.

- Do you know what we had was a factory? As we were proud of it! The largest company in the industry! – Says a former employee of plant Tatyana Petrova. – I was rewarded with diplomas! The team we had a wonderful! When I remember about it – tears can not hold back! But nobody thinks of rebelling. Some are intimidated, others drank themselves.


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