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Putin is an objective reality given us in sensation. Sect Putin at the start.

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putin prorok Putin is an objective reality given us in sensation. Sect Putin at the start.

Very little time has passed since then, when the first deputy head of presidential administration, Vladislav Surkov, with tears of happiness in his eyes told us that Vladimir Putin’s Russia sent by God (see  the article and video).

Even less time has passed since that moment when all the major television channels showed the country the story of how Putin has dived into the paddling pool to a depth of 2 meters and immediately found there are two sparkling in the sun, the vessel polutoratysyacheletney ago. (see  article and video)

But life goes on. She frantically accelerating. In recognition of Putin’s side of the new messiah. And perhaps the very one God.

The first bells were made out of the city on the Neva River, where one of the militias, «Popular Front», while in a fit of servile exaltation, Putin proposed to declare the spiritual father of the new religion and in every city of the country’s churches to put a new one God.

It was like this.

Views: Eve of the date of the memory of submariners «Kursk». («She drowned,» (c))

Location: St. Petersburg, a city on the Neva.

And in this time and this place was held the next primaries to select candidates for the upcoming Duma elections. This new primaries conducted and appropriate public education «Popular Front» which has a strange status and unclear functions. All that is known about this vague education, so that’s what it was created for Putin to try to clean up foul-smelling party «United Russia», which is that smell badly spoiled his chances again vsprygnut on a horse (or Labrador Connie?) On throne. That party which completely stuck slogan «United Russia – PZHIV – the party of crooks and thieves.» In this game herds continue to come and join all the lickspittles and lizopopy (licking ass boss) country (and was caught stealing just bureaucrats trying so to evade responsibility), taking the labor groups who have the misfortune to be led by these thieves and lizopopami (licking ass boss) .

At this time lizopopy (licking ass boss)  the local sports complex «Jubilee» was represented by its lizopopnye program, performed with a variety of lizopopnymi suggestions.

All these together and lizopopy nervously lighted cigarettes in the hallway, where the podium Vladimir Kosolapov, representing a non-profit human rights NGO «Regional organizers of social justice.»

This gallant organizer of the regional social paradise, without batting an oblique from the constant eye of lies, literally, said:

«Putin has become the spiritual father of the new religion of the One God!»

And he added:

Parishes need to build the new religion for all people in every city in the country, and once a week to gather the people there to «clean the feathers of the governors and prosecutors.» (End quote)

And by the way, guys are funny. Bells were before. But few of them noticed little understood. Even back in 2007 AD Bykov, ironically wrote:

The only thing that can be offered in these circumstances – an urgent creation of a new church, whose head could be Vladimir Putin. But a secular decoration of the church is unclear. Security Council or any corporation in the role of the church do not pull, needs something less prosaic, more would be ideological – but exactly the ideology of a Putin has no, because all it amounts to an abstract belief in Providence, save Russia, juggle her the oil , the gas, a native of the security services.

Bykov wrote this text as a phantasmagoria, as an ironic banter. But lizopopy shame no shame and irony of it is not available. There is not a farce, there is no banter, which would not be able to realize putinoidy-lizopopy and their ever-living guru. There is no madness that available to them. The more so that their guru is preparing for at least another 12 years we sit on the neck and pokomandovat parade of planets.

There is no such hopeless fool that our former national leader, and the current natsionalnyygospod could not realize.

Do not forget that a few months ago in New York Times was interesting about that:

Reuters has published a report on your page from the village of Great Yelnya that in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Some residents of this village, headed by former prisoner Svetlana Frolova (mother Fotini) worship Vladimir Putin as a saint. New syncretic religious movement: the orthodox tradition, it combines with the doctrine of reincarnation. So, the mother of Photinia argues that in a past life was Prince Vladimir Putin. Putin was also the apostle Paul. «He has the soul of the king – says Frolov – and it is no surprise that he became president.» Medvedev says it is «only a student Putin.» For the mother Fotini 2012 issue does not exist: «Do you remember how Mr. Putin became president? Yeltsin resigned his post in his favor. With God’s help, Medvedev would do the same. God is already decided. «

(I wonder how do you comment on the representatives of traditional theologies, such a great friend of Vladimir Putin, Patriarch Cyril?)

Current music video screensaver.

(you can use as a religious hymn in gatherings of a new sect)

Putin also is Christ. The group «Accident»


P.S. Finally, some suggest lizopopam starting postulates that they may form the basis of his new theological doctrine:

(Sort of banter too, but they may well come in handy)

When Putin was little, he broke a cup. Of spilled water formed the oceans and continents of the shards.

Fork, which ate Putin can soothe a vampire with a single blow.

Spoons that ate Putin, heal cataracts and glaucoma.

Albert Einstein said: «The Infinite Universe and only Putin, while on the universe, I have doubts»

Putin – our all, our everywhere and our good.

Christ believe in Putin. If your faith in Putin has even a mustard seed, you would have moved the mountain.

Putin is an objective reality given us in sensation.

Many people think that the phrase «Time to collect stones and a time to cast away stones,» said Ecclesiastes, and bring in proof of the Bible. In fact, Ecclesiastes is Putin said.

Putin talked with Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha. Thus was born the Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

Putin may at any time to see your eyes and say to your mouth.

When Putin inspected the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, God asked him in a whisper about any favor.

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