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Interview with Grigory Perelman: Why do I need a million dollars? I can control the universe

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perelman 500x286 Interview with Grigory Perelman: Why do I need a million dollars? I can control the universeGrigory Perelman proved the Poincare over which fought for decades scientists all over the world.

It’s been a year since he refused to award him a prize of one million dollars.

It is difficult to say that we, the inhabitants, was struck by more that what our scientist has bypassed all the others, or that he refused to astronomical money!

Immediately wanted to ask: «What a rich man here chudit?»

As it turns out, Gregory lives in St. Petersburg, Khrushchev, with his mother, in fact, mired in poverty … But he was not interested in what interests of ordinary men – money, wine, women … Perelman was never married. Becoming a «millionaire hruschob», it was closed from all over the world. He lives like a hermit, rarely goes to the string bag to the store. Communicates only with close ones. Not shorn, not shaved, no cuts his nails, do not read the latest news internet.

Paparazzi were on duty at the door of his house, but Perelman, just spotted a «stranger», literally gave tear. Achieve a personal meeting
with Mr. Perelman did not have any journalist. Now in America there was a book about the Perelman American journalist, who … was never able to meet with him, though sat for days outside his front door. Recently, however, to one lucky still in luck. He not only managed to communicate with the great mathematician, but … it was agreed to shoot a feature film about it! We talked with the reach to the heart of Perelman’s person – the executive producer of the film company in Moscow «President-film» Alexander Zabrovskaya. And with his permission, publish the fragments of an interview with Perelman that he gave the film company.

404726 Interview with Grigory Perelman: Why do I need a million dollars? I can control the universe
С помощью знаний Перельмана мы научимся управлять Вселенной (кадр из фильма «Брюс Всемогущий).

Zabrovskaya «Perelman – a perfectly normal human being»

… In fact, Alexander Zabrovskaya – my colleague. A professional journalist who once worked in Moscow and then moved to Israel, where he opened his own studio independent investigations. Engaged in parallel cinema. Actually, I asked at the time to do a mystery Zabrovskaya Perelman, help to interview the brilliant scientist. It seemed to me that a mathematician does not trust the Russian media. And Alexander came through with a task, moreover, decided to shoot his film about him.

- I made a special trip from Tel Aviv to here to meet a mathematician, – says Alexander. – I knew that he did not communicate with anybody, but we decided to walk through. I contacted the Jewish community in St. Petersburg. Through her, we went first to the mother of Gregory Jakovljevic, help her. And then my mother spoke with her son, a brilliant, well-characterized us. And Gregory has trusted us. He told me that he does not talk with Russian media because of a disrespectful attitude toward it. For example, in the press called «Grisha.» And this familiarity it hurts. Journalists is: why has refused a million? Do not shear the nails? And this man – a philosopher, a genius. He is interested in global issues … Gregory has agreed to meet first with me. I called him, «Gregory, I want to clarify the venue.» «Square opposite the Mariinsky Theater. At noon at the monument to Glinka. » Gregory walked slowly and sat on the bench … Reports that on the heels of Perelman roaming paparazzi are greatly exaggerated. No one kept watch. He calmly came to the place on foot. We were sitting in plain sight, but no we did not interfere, do not fit and did not ask for Grigory Yakovlevich autograph. We had a wonderful talk. He impressed me as absolutely sane, healthy, appropriate and normal person. Realistic, pragmatic and sensible, but not devoid of sentimentality and excitement … all he was credited in the press that he «does not in itself» – complete nonsense! He knows what he wants and knows how to get things done. We talked with him two o’clock in succession – an unusually interesting conversationalist. He liked that I was interested in not the details of his everyday life and problems of scientists in general, across the world. Perelman has agreed to participate in the writing of scenarios for the future of the film «The formula of the universe.» It also may include fragments of his interview in the film. Gregory himself has expressed a desire to cooperate with the University of Massachusetts professor Sylvia Nasar. We went to Sylvia and signed a contract with them. Perelman showed it. In general, the work moves. But not so fast as we would like. I am responsible for fundraising. Am negotiating with the United States to partially fund the film. In his film, which we do with Perelman, we want to talk about cooperation and confrontation of the world’s three major schools of mathematics: the Russian, Chinese and American, the most advanced on the path of study and control of the universe. Hamilton, an American scientist and a Russian Perelman did the main thing – found a way to understand the shape of our universe. Movie – the cognition of the universe and people know it. Ethical «standards» in science, the scientists forced conformism … When asked why Perelman refused the million, he said, saying what a million dollars for the person that controls the universe?


Perelman: «I know how to calculate the void»

- Gregory, you were still at school in the USSR Mathematical Olympiad in Budapest. They took the gold medal …

- In preparation for the Olympics, we tried to solve the problem, where the prerequisite was the ability to think abstractly. This abstraction of mathematical logic and was the main point of daily workouts. To find the correct solution, it was necessary to imagine a «piece of the world.»

- Not quite difficult for students?

- Speaking of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes, the baby from birth knows the world. If you can train your hands and feet, why not train the brain?

- And do not recall whether any of the time problem that seemed unsolvable?

- Insoluble … Probably not. Intractable. That’s right. Remember the biblical legend of how Jesus walked on water, like a dry land. So I had to calculate the speed with which he was to move upon the waters, so as not to fail.

- The calculations were correct?

- Well, if the legend still exists, and I’m not mistaken. There is no special mystery. Thanks to our teachers we already have well studied the topology – the science that allows to understand the properties of space and manipulate formulas, understanding their practical importance, which helps to achieve fast and accurate results. By the way, I did not think winning the competition in some significant event – it was just one of many stages of knowledge in your favorite science.

404898 Interview with Grigory Perelman: Why do I need a million dollars? I can control the universe
Григорий Яковлевич проживает с мамой (на фото), которая, как никто, его понимает…

    Could become a musician

- Did you know that I had to smash his head, choosing a profession?

- How so?

- I had the right to enter the exams without any educational institution of the Soviet Union. That ranged between mechanics and mathematics, and conservatory. Chose the math … I am now very interesting to remember their student years. We have so much time to the process of cognition then … captured … We forgot about the days of week and time of the year.

- In the twenty-odd years, you have to say something new in science …

- There are no words I never said … just continued to explore the problem of studying the properties of three-dimensional universe. This is very interesting.

- Tried to grasp the immensity?

- That’s right … Just because any obyatno immense too. Wrote his dissertation under the guidance of Academician Alexandrov. The theme was simple: «Saddle surfaces in Euclidean geometry.» Can you imagine in the infinity of equal and unequally distant from each other surfaces? We need to measure the «trough» between them.

- This is the theory?

- This is already the practice. For some orbit spacecraft flight to the constellation of Dogs? What obstacles will be met along the way … Do you want more easily? Should I mow grass between the three hills? How many men and machines to do this? Ministry of Agriculture, it turns out to anything. There is a formula. Surf. Count. And no you are not afraid of crises.

- And do not scholasticism it?

- This is a wheel, an ax, hammer, anvil – all they want, but just not scholasticism. Let’s face it. Features of modern mathematics lies in the fact that it is studying an artificially contrived objects. Not in the nature of multidimensional spaces, no groups, rings and fields, whose properties are intensively studied mathematics. And if the technology is constantly creating new devices, all kinds of devices, and math are their counterparts – the logical methods for the analysts in any field of science. And every mathematical theory, if it is severe, sooner or later is used. For example, many generations of mathematicians and philosophers have tried axiomatize philosophy. As a result of these efforts developed the theory of Boolean functions, named for an Irish mathematician and philosopher George Boole. This theory became the core of cybernetics and general management theory, which, together with advances in other sciences have led to the creation of computers, modern ships, aircraft and spacecraft. Such examples are the history of mathematics
gives the top ten.

- So, your theoretical development, each has a practical significance?

- Certainly. Why do so many years had to fight over evidence of the Poincare conjecture? Simply point it can be summarized as follows: if the three-dimensional surface in something like a sphere, it can be spread in the area. «The formula of the Universe,» the assertion of Poincare called because of its importance in the study of complex physical processes in the theory of the universe and of the fact that it answers the question of the shape of the universe. Will play a big role in the proof of the development of nanotechnology.

- Hence, the «cheerful», «life-affirming» reports «pioneers» of this industry …

- Absolute nonsense and absurdity. Trying to build a house on the sand … I learned how to calculate the void, along with my colleagues we know the mechanisms for filling in the social and economic «voids.» Emptiness is everywhere. These can be evaluated, and it offers great opportunities … I know how to control the universe. And tell me – why should I run for a million?


Perelman special services of the world

As we said the representative of intelligence, the intelligence did not lose sight of Perelman. And they are interested in not only our intelligence but also other countries. How to explain, Gregory actually a step forward today’s world of science. He learned some sverhznaniya to help you understand the universe.

Our universe has appeared in the blast. In fact, from the point. In point of it, and can be reduced. How to do it – he knows Perelman. And then that new questions and challenges: what would happen if his knowledge will put into practice? Is a Perelman, or rather, his knowledge, the threat to humanity? After all, if with his knowledge, you can collapse the universe into a point, and then expand it, then we can die or be reborn in another capacity? And then we’ll Do it! And whether we need to do to control the universe? After all, we are already our terrestrial ball mercilessly dirtied? They say that Perelman himself understand the magnitude of what he discovered. He calls himself a «man of the universe.» And, as they say, feared for his safety. Indeed, his clever head, already estimated at one million dollars, is worth more!

Last year, Perelman wrote by e-mail Sylvia Nasar, soavtorshe his film «The Equation of the Universe» that his American teacher, Hamilton suggested that he move to live permanently in the States … When it many years ago in America, along with Hamilton struggled with a mystery of the universe, he already had opportunity to stay in America.

But he came back. At home, in poverty. And here it was enlightened – made his great discovery … We are interested to life and the destiny of our mathematics. And therefore, «Komsomolskaya Pravda» will follow the events in his life.

Anna VELIGZHANINA, Maxim Photos CIO. – 28/04/2011

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