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Incredible wealth of Vladimir Putin (of Vladislav Surkov, a blog)

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In another portion of the U.S. State Department classified documents released by the infamous site WikiLeaks, we are talking about the fabulous wealth of the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin. Write about it in Thursday, December 2, 2010, the foreign news media and, in particular, an influential British newspaper The Telegraph. According to the text of mails sent by the former head of the Department of State, Condoleezza Rice, Putin has hidden illicit assets in foreign banks, and his departure from office in 2008 and picking a successor in the person of Medvedva – nothing but an attempt to avoid «legal persecution». putin aha aha Incredible wealth of Vladimir Putin (of Vladislav Surkov, a blog)

Provided by the Americans Russian opposition sources information detailed in the peer reviewed reports, «Putin said. Results. 10 years. «And» Putin «Gazprom» »http://www.putin-itogi.ru/ The authors summarize the results of Vladimir Putin’s corruption which has penetrated all layers of bureaucratic vertical, the failure of population policies is a dangerous commodity dependence of the country, which for 10 years, only increased, degradation of infrastructure, failure of the policy in the Caucasus.

As for the «Gazprom» is, instead of focusing on the main line of «Gazprom» – ensuring security of supply of the country and the development of gas production, Putin appointed his management team have focused on various kinds of frauds and manipulations, which resulted in the new wave of asset and funds from the company in favor of some structures close to Putin and his friends. To compensate for these financial losses with the approval of Putin’s government signed a program for a sharp rise in gas prices for Russian consumers and bring them to parity with European prices – a decision that «Gazprom» lobbied for 15 years, but could not «push» through the offices of Ministers of Gaydar , Chernomyrdin, Kiriyenko, Primakov, Kasyanov. This program was adopted by Resolution of Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov on May 28, 2007 № 333, in accordance with its domestic gas prices for Russian consumers need to double in 2011 and to average not less than 125 dollars per 1,000 cubic meters.

The turning point came after Putin was elected president for a second term. As a result of a chain of strange commercial transactions concluded during the years when «Gazprom» has been controlled by Putin, «Gazprom» has lost assets, which cost tens of billions of dollars. Many of these assets under the control of personal friends of the second president of Russia.

In particular, in April 2008 it was announced that a rapid sale of «Gazprom» petrochemical company «Sibur» certain Cypriot offshore company at a price significantly below market. It is not clear who the real beneficiary of the buying company – Cyprus Hidron Holdings Ltd. Judging by the speed and fantastic terms of the deal, there is every reason to believe that this is a high-ranking government official, which may thus want to reward for being «plowed like a slave in the galleys.» In general, throughout the history of «Sibur» «Gazprom» may lose at least $ 3 billion.

A large stake in «Gazprom» has disappeared from the balance of its subsidiaries. Where? Is unknown. Why is this important? Because the 6.4% shares of «Gazprom» – shares giving the right to meaningful participation in company management. The market value of this package today is about $ 20 billion. This is the second largest after the state package of shares of «Gazprom», equal to a package owned by a German company E.ON-Ruhrgas (6,4%). The amount of dividends on such shares, based on the level of dividends Gazprom in 2007, has over 170 million dollars a year, but based on the level of dividend payments received, for example, in the Russian private oil companies – approximately 1.1-1.7 billion dollars. The owner of this package can expect to hold their candidate among the 11 members of the board of directors of «Gazprom» and directly influence management decisions in the company.

In September-November 2005 «Gazprom» bought 75% of «Sibneft», the company Millhouse Capital, which is regarded as belonging to Roman Abramovich (the original owners are unknown). Now we can state with confidence that the occurrence of «Gazprom» in the management of the oil business was a failure. Average daily oil production of «Sibneft» has fallen from 95 800 tonnes per day in September 2005 when the company was bought up to 84 700 tonnes in June 2008 – or 11.5% in less than three years. «Gazprom» has invested 13.7 billion dollars in the failed project in terms of operating results, obviously overpaying with the structures of Roman Abramovich. The curator of this transaction has been directly Putin.

Selling «Sogaz» was the first example of a transfer of assets «Gazprom» in their own personal friends of Putin. In 2004, «Sogaz» has sold «Gazprom» in the stock section of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange to a consortium consisting of Bank «Eurofinance Mosnarbank», «Severstal» and bank «Russia». Of reporting «SOGAZ» for I quarter 2005, it became clear that 51% of «SOGAZ» were later resold to 100% of the «daughter» of St. Petersburg Bank «Russia,» the firm «Abros.» Another 12.5% ​​were under the control of «acceptance», which owns 3.93% of the bank «Russia». According to Russian media, the company is «Acceptance» of 99.99% is owned by Michael Shelomova, the son of a cousin of the second president of Russia Vladimir Putin. Bank «Russia» was established in 1990, it was the main contributor to administration of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the Communist Party. According to Russian media, the largest shareholder is the chairman of its board of directors Yury Kovalchuk, who is familiar with President Putin, since his work in St. Petersburg. According to media reports, Yury Kovalchuk – one of the most close to Vladimir Putin businessmen. The main beneficiaries of the bank «Russia» act, Yury Kovalchuk, Nikolai Shamalov, Dmitry Gorelov and Gennady Timchenko – old friends of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Withdraw one of the largest Russian insurance companies out of control «Gazprom» for ridiculous prices, «pump up» its income through contracts with state companies – that is, it seems, was the strategy of grouping Putin against «Sogaz.»

At 2 years after the «Gazprom-media» as assets of Gazprombank moved under the control of the bank «Russia», Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced the new information asset valuation, «Gazprom-Media» – $ 7.5 billion. It turns out that «Gazprom» has given these assets to dozens of times – or more than 7.3 billion dollars – cheaper than the real value! Along with «Gazprom-media» in the hands of the bank «Russia» today were a concentration of other large media assets – REN-TV and «St. Petersburg – Channel Five», the most widely read newspaper in the country, «Komsomolskaya Pravda», dozens of television and radio stations and newspapers. In 2005-2007. Media Group won the tender for the right to broadcast in 41 regions of Russia, then the frequency was still in the 29 regions. Loss of profit of «Gazprom» of losing control of the «Gazprom-media» was more than $ 7.3 billion.

All this information for two years. Since then, it will likely become obsolete. Figures personal wealth Putin could change, perhaps, that in a big way. A history of the palace for $ 1 billion on the Black Sea coast has highlighted how other sources of Putin’s personal wealth and implicit mechanisms of its formation.

Here are some need to put them on the table a list of bank accounts and other assets.

For a list of bank accounts and be aware of these documents cover (passports issued in fictitious names, etc.), Putin and his two daughters. Maybe someone said something about them, knows how all the civilized nations know about leaders and their families in developed countries? In addition, there are numerous ways to anonymous ownership of assets through trusts and shares predyavitelya.

However, HR staff, execute all such documents fuflovye hardly destined to survive until retirement. Will find them and polonium, and other chemistry. Too much do they know what is the key to the billionaire.

From the blog  http://surkovvladislav.livejournal.com

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