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Where and how to live a Russian pensioner, he chooses himself

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elderly 300x200 Where and how to live a Russian pensioner, he chooses himselfWildest expectations may exceed the dream of the Russian authorities to resettle the local senior citizens in specially designated areas of compact (concentration) of residence. Happy owners of square meters in Moscow and other Russian cities will leave much more than expected the Russian authorities.

In recent years, emigration from Russia to the left 1.25 million people. And that’s just the official statistics. For comparison, after the October Revolution of 1917, Russia has left 2 million people.

Sale or lease an apartment allows owners to meet her old age in a much more friendly towards the elderly. Real estate prices in Russia prohibitively exorbitant, and this despite the fact that the level of comfort for the living not much higher than in the homeland, and on the Mediterranean or the Pacific Coast.

Even before the global crisis, Russian pensioners appreciated the advantages of such moves. With the opening of the Iron Curtain to the West pulled active and mobile older people who have accumulated the experience of foreign travel, some savings and had time to work in the new Russian reality. Since then, the flow almost doubled. And, apparently, in the future it will only grow.

23682 300×285 this trend contributes to post-crisis situation. Real estate prices in many countries have fallen considerably more tangible than in the large cities of Russia – so now buy a home abroad can be a lot cheaper than two or three years ago. Sellers of foreign real estate in the fall in domestic demand is very pleased to attract foreign investors. Not malovazhen and the fact that living in a foreign country, pensioners spend their money there, but it does not create a competitive job market.

Many states willing to host senior citizens and thus even create special conditions for them favored. For example, in Panama there is a special program «Turista Pensionado», which provides discounts on airline tickets, utility payments, public transport, visiting various places for entertainment and restaurants. And the Russians are also eligible to participate in this program. For example, according to the analytical center IRN.ru, in a prestigious area of ​​Panama City – El Cangrejo can buy an apartment for $ 90 000, and its lease will cost only $ 500 a month.

In terms of price a haven for retirees has become Latin America. For example, in Ecuador, for less than $ 50,000 you can find a new apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms with views of the ocean. House with a plot size of 8 acres, located on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean, will cost a bit more expensive – at $ 83,000. Real Estate in Mexico, higher costs, but also here at the price of the Moscow apartment of the middle class to buy a house in colonial style.

However, while few are at risk to climb so far. European countries still remain a popular trend of emigration of Russians. It has long been well-mastered and domestic tourists Spain and familiar environment, and the cost of living popriemlimee compared to its neighbors in Western Europe. But after the crisis, Spain has become even more accessible – the country was on the list of world leaders in the rate of decline in housing prices. On the Spanish coast for € 500 a month is possible to rent a two-bedroom apartment, buy a studio apartment can be a € 40 thousand, and a villa overlooking the sea is quite possible to buy for € 100 thousand.

Not too expensive and France outside Paris. Less than $ 150 thousand is easy to keep an eye in his home province, surrounded by vineyards, orchards and fields. Apartment in the heart of Lyon actually find the $ 125 thousand.

Russians actively buying real estate in Eastern Europe – Montenegro, Bulgaria, Croatia. Buy a house in these places but still a long Na Prikope and a comfortable living in it – it’s all possible to ensure the money from the sale of doroguschy uncomfortable and apartments in Russia.

Increasingly, people close to retirement age and retirement from the Far East * pay attention to China.

According to various estimates, from 30 to 40 thousand Russians have already bought a flat in the country …

The fact that the cost of housing in Northern China is 2-3 times cheaper than, for example, in Vladivostok …

1846845 f520 300x238 Where and how to live a Russian pensioner, he chooses himself

Well, as you know, life in Russia is more expensive than in other countries: prices are higher on almost everything: for food, clothing and footwear, transportation, services for household items to cars and furniture, etc. , etc.

So more and more Russian pensioners will make choices not in favor of government conceived of the concentration camps for the elderly.

The answers to these questions:

- Who in the Russian pension legislation is considered to be the person who left a permanent residence abroad?
- Who is entitled to a pension of Russia while traveling abroad?
- And much more …

You can read by clicking this link.

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