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The president decided to rob PENSIONERS

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3RIA 718386 Preview The president decided to rob PENSIONERS

Medvedev and decided to forcibly resettle Golikov retired in commercial Hospice (hospice). Naturally, with confiscation of property and pensions in payment for «sotsuslugi.» At the request of Medvedev will prepare a bill for the month …

Love Siping, November 21, 2010

It is said that the Russian government retirees  do not need. It is not. Russia’s rulers constantly think of those who have anything left – this is possible and necessary to take away. Well, why should pensioners, this «waste material» property? Especially when she was so «effective managers» claim? Yeah right, Russia need to be cleaned from the public, and so has frustrated all the time.

Medvedev’s meeting of the State Council «on the elderly», surprisingly, coincided with the pension performances in France, promised to «senior citizens» quick and final solution to all problems in the form of hospice forced to push the same pay «lifelong social services» through confiscation of property and pensions. So, if today is «life annuity in exchange for an apartment» – is voluntary, then tomorrow everything will be new.

Actually, no one and does not hide. Medvedev honestly, publicly and officially represents the direction of a new business project of the Kremlin, visiting a couple of nursing homes and promising to build new ones to replace the old, while making them «successful business projects» (Medvedev urged relocated retirees from shabby boarding in new), but said that there is no money in the budget and will not be so «care of the elderly can not be fully shift in power».

Where the money for such a massive construction of hospice?

Do not worry, the boom in the construction of nursing homes pay for themselves with more than the elderly. For this department is already preparing a bill Golikova on «social services» which, according to a special insistence Medvedev, will prepare for next summer, but after a month (Medvedev instructed to prepare a draft law on social servicesе). Along the way, Golikova let slip that there is no sense to raise pensions as the cost of retirees exceeds the value of consumer basket twice (Costs exceed the value of pensioners basket twicе). Let us emphasize that the law on social services should not be confused with the Law on Social Security, which golikovskoe «The Ministry of Life» will prepare a bit later – six months later.

The question arises: if the retirees, according to the Kremlin, already shikuyut, living on average by as much as two pensioner minimum, why Medvedev regularly branding «social dependency» of pensioners, so hurry up with the construction of nursing homes? Where is the money for the removal of which so urgently written laws?

In fact, it’s simple.

As confirmed by sources in the Health Ministry, we are talking about privatizing the whole system of boarding houses and nursing homes, life-long residence in which to be paid not only one pension, and voluntary and compulsory re-registration of real estate on the «provider of social services,» which promises a fantastic and quick profits. And if the earlier methods of weaning in vivo properties of single people provide for at least a symbolic dozhivanie victim in his own apartment, a new scheme frees the apartment immediately after the former owner of the premises in the poorhouse.

Explain who will be the founders of the commercial resorts and is not necessary: ​​haste Medvedev, Golikova and Regional Development Minister speaks for itself. And if today the pensioner has a chance to fend off intrusive service, after the connection to the process, «Ministry of Life», is concentrated in the hands and medicine, and social welfare system, and nebeskorystnye due to «social services industry,» prove that you are not a «vegetable «will be impossible after the retirement of every citizen without families will be waiting for a good and well-organized way in the government house.

However, the stakes are so high, that of involuntary admission will not save the presence of relatives. «Living alone» are mentioned in the State Council was not in vain.

You understand that, immediately after the social reforms willing to issue disability or retirement at age 60, or even to go into hospital for planned surgery poubavitsya sharply: coming to the hospital a free man, you can wake up back in a hospice under heavy guard, and quite formally, in full compliance with current legislation.

How long will have to «live out»?

Not so bad if the owner of «humane business,» he told God to save on costs, staff facilities will be fed with the number of inmates, sorry, socially serviceable, in the death of the contingent is not interested. However, the question of life and death will still decide the physician. Pros know that an injection of insulin works wonders, after which the good doctor is waiting envelope from the Directorate.

However, not far away and long ago discussed the official law on euthanasia, after which all goes to waste in MODx scheme as a promotional newspaper: «painless euthanasia, vetritual, inexpensively.» Or as a joke: «Do not argue, sick! The doctor said – in the mortuary, so – in the morgue! «.

The special aim of the new special project – to rural retirees. The reason is simple: rural pensioners are not only home to the site, but also «voucher land» (land share) on a few acres of farmland, pass by which it can not no sane real estate agent and «social entrepreneur». In addition, there is the possibility of eliminating evicted villages, which will go to the expense of tens of thousands. Along the way,

Golikova announced some interesting numbers.

«I wanted to focus on socio-demographic portrait of the elderly in 2009. The population of Russia in 2009 amounted to 141.9 million, 30.7 million – are the citizens over the age of working «- said Golikov. According to her, the number of men who retired on age, 8.6 million women – 22.1 million people. Of them live in rural areas three million men and 14.2 million women. «Thus, 64% of pensioners we now live in rural areas», – said the Minister.

According to the 2009 life expectancy of males was 62.9 years, female – 75 years. The average pension of the male population in 2009 amounted to 6500 rubles (217$), female – 6000 rubles (200$), said Golikov. It is projected that in 2010 pension to average 8000 rubles (267$). Among all seniors in social production employs three million men and 5 million women. «The average salary of men in 2009 was 19.6 thousand rubles (0.82$ thousand) , women – 13,7 thousand rubles (0.46$ thousand),» – said Golikov.

According to her, in Russia, the elderly socially divided into three groups. First – active older people who are willing to engage in public life. The number of such people, according to experts, more than 12 million people. The second group of elderly – living alone or living alone citizens who require certain social services. There, the minister said, Russia has more than 6 million people. The third group – the citizens who need palliative care and home care. They are in the country about 4.5 million people, said Minister of Health.

«According to the data we currently have available, 50% of older people have difficulty in walking and climbing stairs, 31% had difficulties with self-service, 8% do not go out of their apartments and 5% never leave the bed. 74% of older people use drugs, and 2-3 times a month in need of medical emergencies, «- said the Minister.

Thus, under the gun Kremlin-wishers turned out to be 6 4.5 = 10.5 million deviser of the 30 million mentioned Golikov and another estimate of the special contingent – 31% «have difficulty self-service» up to 50%, «have difficulty walking» . «It’s hard?» Handed over the passport and get their social services. As promised Yeltsin in 1991, «you will live badly, but not for long.» That all ends.

Of interest are the numbers. First of all, Russia is extremely far from being «catastrophic aging,» which justify the opening of borders for the «hardworking immigrants» from the country of poppy and cannabis. 30.5 million of the 145 – it’s twenty-odd percent. The amount of pension – 6000, four to five times lower than the average «white salaries», and the survival period (average time to receive pension) – pathetic 10 years. Given that half of pensioners forced to work and, therefore, pays social tax, comparable to pensions, for stories about the «difficulty of filling the pension fund,» it’s time to sue for forgery. It is interesting and the ratio of urban and rural pensioners, from which it follows that, for unknown reasons, the death rate of rural pensioners fold lower than the city’s three-quarters of the survivors in the reform of old women living in the countryside, though the rural population barely exceeds 20%!

However, it is to them stretches the long arm of the law Medvedev: for the sake of budget savings agreed by force «to bring the recipient to the social service», namely the forced resettlement of retired commercial poorhouse, located in the city. The required medical report – not a problem: land share is worth it. So now think thrice rural pensioner before calling «fast»: saving can result in imprisonment and VTEK spetspansionat with confiscation of property. Understood from the statements Golikova that «74% of pensioners’ cause» fast «,» 2-3 times a month? » (Regional Development wants to move seniors into «socialized» settlements).

Forcibly concentrating (mind you – just concentrating) seniors in institutions, Ministry of Regional Development kill two birds by creating jobs in the company towns unemployed!

Recall that the term «concentration camps» emerged during the Anglo-Boer War (1900) when the British humane «only» «concentrated» peaceful Boer population behind barbed wire – especially with the humanitarian, counter-insurgency purposes – to obstruct the «unconventional «resistance of the Boers. You understand that out of the camps, not more than a third «concentrated» – losing on the battlefield was much lower. The second experience of «concentration» (captured noncombatants can not seem to take) the British have repeated in Arkhangelsk – with equal success. So that the «hub» of recipients of social services – a great tradition.

Accordingly, in the course of «concentration» of the owners of land shares in the place of the planned social and funeral services are an additional cost savings through the elimination of tens of thousands of settlements, «stripped» of the past inhabitants. But at the same time the new «effective» fields are not the owners of unclaimed will have to coordinate delivery and settlement of the Chinese and Tajik. None of the population – no problem!

Thus, the unemployed monotown receive new jobs in the «business of social services,» becoming the «Company towns of death», and the land would be «gentle and merciful,» freed from unnecessary population, which prevents investment projects …

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