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SEO myths. The session is being exposed.

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In the era of Internet marketing are increasingly found different SEO myths. Someone has analyzed the data wrong or something is not well understood and published them on a popular resource, beginners reprinted, they told their words and went and went. Today we publish a list of the most common seo myths to dispel that should have been a long time.

1. SEO is free of charge

Big mistake. Long gone are the days when sites could promote free methods and, thus, to achieve positive results. Srednekonkurentny any commercial site without money do not move. You can certainly improvise the publication of articles in free article directories, but how long will it take and how much of it will return? In runet no quality free article directories. And this «promotion» could be delayed for a year, maybe more. Time – money.

2. SEO – one-time process

Often people ask me what advice I can give them to promote their blog or website. Almost all of them think that is enough to use the services of SEO once, so you get a steady income from the site. No, this is not true. SEO – is a constant hard work to improve the site, track position, traffic, conversions, changes in search algorithms, etc. To promote the site to be constantly (except target highly specific noncompetitive subjects too).

3. Alexa Rank affect the issuance of

I can not imagine how did this myth, but it is nonsense. Alexa Rank does not affect the issue, this issue affects the Alexa Rank. The higher positions in search engines, the more traffic the site receives, the higher the Alexa Rank.

4. Subscribe to RSS blog Google will help understand the mysteries of the search algorithm

The official blog Google 538 000 subscribers. Many of them have been signed for only one purpose – they are waiting for Google miraculously show the world its search algorithm. The bad news – it will never happen. Official Google Blog serves only one purpose – fidbek with webmasters. The maximum that they spread – a little explanation to the changes in delivery or release of new or improvement of old services.

5. In addition to Google and Yandex search engine is no longer

Yes, Google is definitely the best search engine in the world, Yandex – in the CIS. But in addition to search engines, there are other sources of traffic – social networking, traffic exchanges, ppc, etc, which does not depend on changes in search algorithms. Learn how to get traffic comprehensively.

6. SEO-company and SEO-optimizers – the guarantor of success

Many people, especially new companies have opened business on the Internet, people think that turning to the seo-optimizers, they quickly increase sales and get rich. This is not true. In any case, the promotion takes time and money, often considerable. In light of recent trends in search engine algorithms is not possible to give guarantees on your site near the top for all requests. I would recommend very wary of those promises for 3 months to promote the site across the spectrum of needs.

7. Issuance of static

It is terrible to admit, but really there are people who think that taking the 1-3 places in the grant they will stay there forever. Daily on the Internet appear hundreds of thousands of sites, new documents, relevant information that can better meet users’ requests. In addition, commercial subjects competitors are not sleeping. I repeat, SEO – constant hard work on the site.

8. Keyword density – a very important factor in ranking

In fact, this is another myth seo. The density of keywords on the page is one of the last values. Texts in which every sentence there are key words backwards pessimiziruyutsya. Now we need to write lyrics that are useful for users, not peretoshnenye keys.

9. High-quality template for the site affect ranking

One of the biggest scams on the Internet. Tell me, why did you get that template or layout affect the rankings? Search engines do not care, table layout, or you have to div’ami. They are, first of all, your content is important and its good for visitors, but not a beautiful hat or a cloud of tags. To me fundamentally disagree designers, web designers, vendors templates and themes, etc., because that is their business and their bread, not surprising.

10. The larger the budget the better SEO

A large amount of money invested in the SEO does not guarantee better results. There are many seo-companies with big budgets to save more in your pocket than is used for promotion. Pick Optimizer intelligently.

11. Write to 1000 posts, optimized for bass and you will be the market leader for

I can already see your grin on his face. You think about your competitors, who receive many times more traffic by posting a huge number of small posts. The good news is that yes, this way you can get traffic, but as a rule, he untied, slabokonvertiruemy, especially if you work with are not very honest seo company and your goal is – traffic.

Attract traffic from search engines – no problem. Much more difficult to attract targeted traffic that will convert into sales. An important point in the statistics is not the number of visitors and the number of failures – if a lot of failures, then either the traffic is bad, or poorly thought-out structure of the site.

12. Google Sandbox

One of the most common myths. Please show me at least one official message confirming the existence of the sandbox. Yes, Google removes sites from the index, but it has nothing to do with sandbox. Just these pages after updating algorithms are no longer correspond to the quality and easy to remove from the CD. Sandbox was abolished in 2005.

13. SEO-strategy with which promoted the site to your friend and help promote your

Each site needs an individual approach, each site requires its own marketing strategies. For each site chosen your keywords, depending on the subject and purpose of promotion. One site is quite possible to move a few hundred keywords, and another from the same subject matter, and push hard for a few dozen. It affects a number of factors, this is a topic for another article.

14. TIC and PR impact on the issuance of

TIC does not affect ranking. Turbarny PR does not affect ranking. Internal PR, about the values ​​of which no one knows the effect, but because he was among more than 200 other ranking factors, its value is reduced to a minimum.

15. Spam links will kill your website or blog

There are people who argue that the links with poor-quality resources have a negative impact on the ranking of the site, but there are other people who say that if that were the case, it would be possible to put down those bad links to competitors, so they came under the filter. All of them are right.

If your site refers to a large number of authoritative sites, and then someone tries to put you in a lot of links with the TOS, it will not affect the position of the site, because Google understands that the webmaster can not control anyone who refers to his sites.

But if you do it take to get this kind of links and you further prospamit competitor, then you are sure you will have problems. In all other cases, if you link to good sites, you have formed links with immunity to the TOS.

16. Referring to the authority sites will improve your position

This hypothesis has never been never been confirmed. Nobody has proved that referring to the sites you can trust to improve the position of your website in SERP. You can link to other sites if it will be useful to readers, and perhaps to you someday will be referenced in the answer, but it is as lucky.

17. Internal linking – it is always useful

No, not always. While search engines and the like internal links, but refer to all the articles on everything, just in order to improve the position does not make sense. A special kind of idiocy – to refer to all the new articles on as many as possible of the old. If you believe that your past is indeed associated with the message subject of a new post, it may add to or clarify some point, of course, refer to it. But if you try to relink the site as closely as possible, you’ll get that weight is distributed evenly across all pages and no bonus in moving it will not.

18. Nofollow links are useless

Yes, they can not influence the position as well as the dofollow link, but no one has proved that on nofollow links are not transmitted to the weight. Much traffic so you can get from just such a link, so you should not ignore them.

19. Nofollow attribute maintains a page weight

Previously, yes, it was true. But now Google has changed its attitude to this attribute. Now, if you put the link nofollow, then the weight on it is not transmitted to this site, but is not stored on the website donor. Simply, you go down the toilet page weight:
20. SEO – work only for professionals

Since you insist various dishonest seo-companies who want only one thing – to take one more site to promote and to cut down more money from the client. Do not believe them. SEO, this is not rocket science, no one can forbid you to create search engine optimized website or blog and use it in your own personal use.

21. Quality content – the key to success

Nicherta like it! Without a competent PR none, even the most cool and useful manual does not reach its readers and will be buried in the archives of the blog. If you know how to write useful content, learn it, and public relations, without that your work will be wasted.

22. More haste, less speed

If you follow the advice of their grandmothers, I can do is you just congratulate them. Quality content, competent public relations, viral marketing can never hurt your site, it will only benefit and give him another push up.

23. Promote the site by using the links in blog comments

Complete nonsense, spread even more after «dofollow revolution», when in seo-blog now and then began to emerge positions, which were laid lists dofollow blogs. If someone does not know, there is a special algorithm, whereby the weight of the link depends on its position. Search engines have long since learned to correctly separate the content of comments. Naturally, the weight of links from comments is minimal, especially if the comments to the record 20.30, 100 pieces, and everyone is trying to refer to their website.

24. If you do not create a Sitemap, search engines do not index the site

Also a myth. Quite a few links from the indexed sites to your website and in a short time and your site gets indexed. Site map make and send to Google and Yandex webmaster for faster indexing, but without a quality site is well indexed in its entirety.

25. Advertising on the PPC effect on the issuance of

Some people think that PPC advertising improves the position of the site, while others think the opposite, lower, as it is profitable to google (adsense) and Yandex (direct), but they are both wrong. Advertising on the PPC does not affect the position of your website.

26. A good indexing site – good rankings

No, the speed and completeness of the indexing does not affect the rankings, the position affects the relevance of the document upon request. Another thing is that the more pages in the issue, the more traffic you can get to the site.

27. The higher the site to issue, the more traffic

Not exactly. It depends on the popularity of the keyword. If you’re in the TOP1 Send «Funny bukovki to download again tomorrow mobilnichek hello», then the traffic you will not do. The number of transitions is strongly influenced by another, and the title and snippet.

28. Valid code helps to achieve higher positions in delivery

Also a common misconception. The validity of the code has nothing to do with SEO. In fact, it can only bring you a sense of satisfaction, but not any better position, or something else like that.

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