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S. Belkovsky – Corrupt officials in Russia, eat each other!

Опубликовано Июл 28, 2011 в State and society | Нет комментариев

Moskovsky Komsomolets number 25 704 on July 28, 2011

Our resorts are waiting for an investment boom

magnitsky S. Belkovsky Corrupt officials in Russia, eat each other!
The ice was broken, ladies and gentlemen of the jury.U.S. State Department has banned the entry of the same persons involved in the so-called American List Magnitsky – investigators, prosecutors and judges who are likely to directly or indirectly involved in the death of a lawyer fund Hermitage Capital in Butyrskaya prison. A complete list of «banned» Russian law enforcement agencies, Americans do not announce. Giving a clear that the sanctions were not all 60 defendants in the original «list Magnitsky,» but only part. But, no matter how many men fell under the roller of U.S. sanctions, the decision of the Department of State – this is very good. For several reasons at once.

First of all, now every Russian bureaucrat in uniform and without, has received a reminder / warning: be up at home the terrible corruption cases, and then be on the West and build yourself a true European – this may not happen.

Second, the precedent of the perpetrators. That is, those functionaries, who are always ready to say what they do with it – they are great bosses ordered methodically Magnitsky kill, they kill. No, ladies and gentlemen. If you followed a criminal order, we will also respond with whatever level you may come to a deadly team.

Third, create the necessary prerequisites for improving the investment climate in Russia. Today all of Russia’s corrupt – big, small and medium-sized – heard the clear message: if anything, foreign countries may close at any time. Along with its beaches, hotels and any other property. So, it may well come a day when live and have a rest somewhere in Svetlogorsk, Kislovodsk, or on the shore of Lake Baikal. A framework for a better of rest to prepare in advance, so you do not disgusted aimlessly for lost years.

However, the very history of the case Magnitsky still far from complete. Perhaps it is just beginning.

Not everyone noticed that the June 20, 2011 investment fund Hermitage Capital, whose interests he worked dead lawyer, appealed to the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation over the theft of about 3 billion rubles. from the Russian budget, which occurred in 2006-2007 gg.putem illegal income tax return to two companies – «Financial investments» and «Selenium Securities», controlled by an investment bank «Renaissance Capital». According to the Hermitage, a theft was revealed by the auditor Sergei Magnitsky – and since then, and began the dramatic ordeals of a lawyer, ended with his death in 37 years. Thus the Hermitage in fact confirmed, finally, the version which seemed to many observers the most convincing long time: a case Magnitsky initially could not stand it, «Renaissance Capital».

A «Renaissance» that – a very serious office. Founded it in the remote and beautiful 1995 New Zealand investment banker Stephen Jennings, along with a pair of U.S. citizens. And in 2009, almost 50% of «Renaissance» has acquired not just anybody, and Mikhail Prokhorov, the beacon of hope and the official Russian liberalism, recently appeared, as we know, the leader of the party «just cause». «Renaissance» is known for its particular concern about the investment climate in Russia. For example, every bank Jennings-Prokhorov holds a major conference for investors, which has traditionally involved big bosses of the Russian Government, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank and the Presidential Administration. This year, for example, the most interesting speakers were Vice-Premier and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, the first deputy chairman Alexei Ulyukayev and assistant of the president Medvedev, Arkady Dvorkovich. In 2010, MYSA dear guest at the «Renaissance» conference was the one Bill Clinton. And officially thanked former U.S. president to visit Moscow, Vladimir Putin personally.

In general, if the case Magnitsky ever interrogated by Stephen Jennings, and even Mikhail Prokhorov, it would be very cool. The results of the interrogation should be required to inform Mr. Clinton. Well, the next conference for investors would be worth to right in the Butyrskaya jail, to the investment climate would be a real and potential fan of the Russian economy in all its rich fullness.

But there are still some miracles pohlesche.

Trying to expose those responsible for the death of Magnitsky, head of Hermitage Bill Browder and his colleagues have long fought head on the stone wall of the Russian bureaucracy. And suddenly – that in recent months – it somehow went livelier. And some of the members’ list Magnitsky «suddenly lost their jobs. And the Presidential Human Rights Council began to intensively study the history of the death of a lawyer. In general, my heart feels, all this for nothing. Modernization idealist, dreaming of the second term of President Medvedev, may suggest that this is due to the positive influence of Mr Medvedev in a solution of corruption of Russian society. But my intuition tells us that recovery is due to aggravation rather intraclass struggle with the tax authorities – more specifically, for control of the Federal Tax Service (FTS).

Historically, it was so. In 2004, the head of the Federal Tax Service has become Anatoly Serdyukov. Coming from the furniture trade, by a happy coincidence, happened to be in-kontse1990 hzyatem Viktor Zubkov. Now – the first vice-premier and chairman of the board of directors of «Gazprom», and then – one of the leaders of the St. Petersburg tax authorities. Objectively, the most important task was to create a solid Serdyukov tax debts of Yukos Oil Company, that under this sauce and give it to bankrupt «Rosneft». The problem was brilliantly solved. Then the NSF, by contrast, wrote off most of Yukos’ tax debt – do not make the same beloved «Rosneft» to pay for Khodorkovsky! But at the same time thanks to a sharp rise in the middle of the last decade, oil prices in those years rose sharply in a variety of tax revenue budgets. Serdyukov was on very good terms, and in-fevrale2007 goego threw a particularly sensitive area of ​​the front. The Ministry of Defence.

However, he left, he managed to leave at the head of the Federal Tax Service of man – Michael Mokretsov. And thus retained effective control over the tax, with all its delicious and lucrative schemes such as the giant of compensation previously paid taxes for the «right» firms, and firmochki firmeshkam. It’s not really like the government supervisor FTS Alexei Kudrin. Which has long struggled and achieved that in 2010 Mr. Mokretsov fused followed suit his patron in the Defense Ministry, and mainly of the tax was Mikhail Mishustin, close to the Minister of Finance.

And oseni2010 th, apparently, started a big war between the two hardware-clans in the NSF – the «old» and «new». The first public attack in this war caused, as is commonly believed, «serdyukovtsy.» In the early aprelya2011-gov FNS Office in Moscow were searched, aimed at discrediting nadybat to deputy metropolitan UFNS Olga Chernichuk and businessman Alexander Udodova. To prove that Chernichuk and Udodov established megashemu shameless VAT refunds are closed … Well, it is understandable to anyone.

Retaliatory move made today do not wait long. Just a few days Hermitage Fund was soon released and killer classified material on a member of the team serdyukovsko-mokretsovskoy Olga Stepanova, the former boss of the capital tax number 28 (now she has been working in Rosoboronpostavke, under the wing of the Minister of War). It turned out that Ms. Stepanova and her husband (whether real, or former) to any sensitive Vladlen schemes have earned about $ 40 million, which were partly in bank accounts in Switzerland and partly invested in real estate in the UAE. Moreover, given the relatively modest rank Stepanova, one might assume that the actual recipients of most of these were superdohodov … Well, it is clear who.

I have reasonable grounds to suspect that consciously or unconsciously, to pursue its own interests hardware, the team was on the side of Kudrin’s friends Magnitsky accident. Because the process and moved forward.

«Sozhrite each other!» – Called on the royal bureaucrats and revolutionaries suicide hero of Boris Akunin, «State Councilor». The same thing I can offer to our prominent bureaucrats. The more sweeping and they will eat each other – and this process is on the rise – the sooner we learn the most terrible secrets of Russian corruption. A «list Magnitsky» could be in 5, 10, 100 times longer.

Would rather have! Then maybe the Russians will be able to conduct human conditions in the domestic holiday resorts.

S. Belkovsky.

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