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Proper nutrition = health

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369043 500x335 Proper nutrition = healthIn our bodies there are millions of different germs – the «bad» and «good.» Useful microbes need to cherish. They are involved in digestion and fat metabolism, protect against allergies, support the immune system and even reduce the likelihood of developing cancer. And keep in check the enemies of man – Staphylococcus, Proteus, Streptococcus, which we also abound. Decrease the number of «good» bacteria – just priberut power to the hands of «bad». And will you dysbiosis.

- The initial stage of dysbiosis is almost all, – said PhD Valery Zimin. – It is not dangerous to health, but that did not develop further dysbiosis, you must eat right. We must understand that in the first place we feed our microflora, but it then gives those substances which are required by the body in this moment. Feed the microbes – so use of probiotics and prebiotics.

Probiotics – a dietary supplements with live beneficial bacteria, which are an integral part of the normal microflora of the body.

Preparations based on probiotics are used both independently and in dairy products – yogurt, yogurt, cottage cheese.

The right to an aristocratic prefix «bio» yogurt, yogurt or cottage cheese become when they are added bifidobacteria. By international standards, there should be no less than 106/ml. Preferable unsweetened milk products: as proved by scientists, the inclusion of the popular organic food sucrose significantly reduced the effectiveness and functional value of the product. Unfortunately, the percentage of «live» dairy products on the Russian market is small – only 3% (for comparison, in France and Switzerland – 60%).

By the way, foreign yogurt has Russian roots and our way is called «mechnikovskoy yogurt.» In fact it is the same products: milk skvashivaetsya same bacteria – the Bulgarian bacillus and thermophilic streptococci.

3 facts about prebiotics


  •     Prebiotics – the nutrients that stimulate growth and development of its own normal microflora. They regulate digestion, help with abdominal pain, heartburn, bitter taste in my mouth, constipation and a number of other disturbing symptoms us.


  •     Prebiotic properties are wheat, rye and oat bran, artichokes, chicory, garlic, leeks, corn flakes.


  •     In breast milk contains more than 100 different prebiotics. Adults who take prebiotics mainly in the form of drugs (eubikor, lysozyme, Pambou, etc.).
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