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Premier officially confirmed the plan for the further dismantling of military retirees as a class

Опубликовано Июл 12, 2011 в As older people live in Russia?, State and society | Нет комментариев

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78731ed6ef05t Premier officially confirmed the plan for the further dismantling of military retirees as a classWe continue to publish articles of our esteemed author, pension consultant, military pensioner Gennady Borisovich Kolesov.
As discussed in this article is a very important issue – the pension law for military retirees, what retirement offers for military pensioners, will increase pensions for retired military personnel, the changes in pension laws are being prepared – give this article in full.
(Read the material Gennady Borisovich about the procedure and rules for obtaining pensions to Russian citizens living abroad, you can click here)
VP1 Dear retired military personnel!
In his articles, «What will happen to military retirees in 2012?», «Resentment is growing military retirees,» «Should we expect military retirees to increase retirement?», «Urgent! What military retirees to survive? «A year ago I was on the facts showed that it was time to military retirees to give up the illusion that these heads of state to somehow take care of military retirees.
Then I was not quite accurate. I said that about us military retirees authorities forgotten. The last year has shown that it is not. Yet the power of war pensioners remember. Moreover, they are doing everything just to eliminate military retirees as a class.
According to the good habit, I will cite only some of the facts upon which I draw the conclusion about the desire of our current leaders (not their) countries to eliminate military retirees as a class.
Fact 1.
Last week during a meeting of the Board Chairman of the Kaliningrad war and labor veterans Boris Kosenkova in regional public reception of the chairman of the party «United Russia» with the prime minister, was asked last direct question about the increase of pensions to military pensioners.
You are well aware of the video, costing the world, the prime after some confusion (which is not typical for him) announced the figure 1.5. That is, a greater increase in pension military retirees can not count on in 2012.
I have no doubt that this is a pension and military retirees will be «enhanced.»
Fact 2.
No need to have higher mathematics, is quite sufficient knowledge of arithmetic at primary school level to understand the simple truth. To make a military pension military retirees at least 1.5 times the pension, which would in 2012 receive nothing which gave the country a parasite, just the number of employees at least 5 years, the pension of military pensioners should be increased by at least 3-5 times.
This increase in pensions of military retirees and require just the leaders of all opposition parties.
I did not even touch on the continuing year after year the total impoverishment of the ordinary citizens of our country, including military retirees, by shamelessly plundering the national wealth with the support of the current government.
Actual annual inflation for the people at the level of 15-20% has already adopted sustainable (housing, simple food, etc.).
And Ms. Golikova and its backers are fine on their consumption basket galloping inflation has no effect (the price of their modest cars Lamborghini, Cadillac, Jaguar, Maserati, Infiniti, Lexus, Maybach, Lotus, Maruti, foreign real estate does not grow).
Fact 3.
As the prime minister was officially announced figure increase pensions to military pensioners in 1.5. times, and the allowance to officers of 3-5, then the question of «otvyazki» size of the military retirement pay of military personnel have been finally resolved and is not in favor of military retirees.
True, knowing that such statement will cause the next wave of indignation retired military personnel, prime, as in 2008, was quick to hang the next election, «carrot» retired «in the future, military pensions will be gradually, from year to year increase and reach a clear binding to the level of wages for servicemen. » Ie reference to the current war that at least someone by deception to lure the army, and then the «throw».
A current military retirees continue to die in poverty …
But what are these pre-election promises of the current rulers of the country you are, ladies and retired military personnel, you know.
We are also in the «President’s Mandate», which sounded in his annual address to the Federal Assembly, promised to increase military pensions from 1 April this year at 6.5% and much more.
But, as always, for military retirees’ deneg «remained.
I would like to remind not lost their relevance Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov words: «Pension military retiree with a pension will exceed the civic by no more than 25%. At the same time has announced plans indexation of pensions will increase in size during this time has a minimum of 30%.
Thus, the increasing impoverishment of military retirees even further.
This is the whole point of the 2012 military reform aimed at the final transformation of military retirees in the most destitute and despised class in the country! »
Distinguished military retirees compare 1812 and 2012. You about anything that does not mean?
Fact 4.
Despite the growing influx of petrodollars has steadily reduced government spending on social programs. At the end of 2010 with the filing of the Duma anti-people government adopted a package of laws that took effect January 1, 2011 to further impoverishment of the ordinary people of the country.
Under the slogan «optimizing costs and balance the budget,» the State budget funds (Social Security and Medicare, pension), citizens are invited to pay your wallet problem of budget deficit of looted funds.
Suffer, as always, the most vulnerable populations. The tax burden in 2011, they went from 26 to 34%. However, as always, the rich are not affected.
If you receive, including working and retired military personnel, salaries in the range 34.5 thousand rubles per month will pay to the State to complete.
And with large sums of NOTHING!
So in our country, unlike civilized countries, more and more intensified principle: «the poor pay the rich.»
On these same principles are actively preparing new legislation on pensions and taxation of real estate.
The objectives remain the same. Shift all the burden of pensions on ordinary citizens themselves, but for the state pension will be left only officials. Retired military personnel among them has long been excluded.
There is no doubt that in the near future (as will be successful for the government elections), the authorities announced in the famous words of former Finance Minister Gaidar Alexander Lifshits, «there is no money,» and give up all its pension obligations of ordinary citizens.
Distinguished military retirees do not count as your garden-gardens that you will be able to feed them.
Premier has approved a new scheme of property taxation. Now respected retired military personnel will appreciate your vegetable gardens at the market price as well as land for luxury real estate. And probably much higher.
You remember, how many bought several acres of land near Moscow, the most elite Deputy Attorney General of the Moscow area? Let me remind you, as much for 5000 rubles.
Not be able to pay for their «elite» property, but with his retirement military retiree probably will not have to pay more than worthy!
All the more reason for the selection of these lands, there is also another reason. They all tend to have the status of agricultural land and, therefore, they can always be away!
Under the same scheme approved by the Prime Minister will have to give up property tax and residential real estate.
The idea of ​​a «reserve» for retirees, including military, already «planted» in society so that people «get used». Let there by following the precepts of the unforgettable Gaidar, no interfering retirees, including military, quietly dying!
Greed of oligarchs and their lackeys in our country has no limit (always missing them funds to build another yacht, the purchase of another island, including St. Petersburg, to build another residence for the rulers of …)
Fact 5.
During the reign of the current prime minister everything was done to eliminate the veterans of military service as a useless class.
The consequence of taking the infamous Federal Law of 22 August 2004 № 122-FZ and the new edition of the Federal Law «On veterans», was the fact that maintaining a formal category of veterans of military service, removed all legal provisions concerning social support military retirees – veterans of military service.
And it is against the background of the fact that for all other categories of veterans (including veterans of the civil service), federal legislation established very specific and very tangible measure of social support.
For example, a veteran of public service each year only for a spa treatment is allocated about 100 thousand rubles or more, not counting the many other benefits and bonuses. And this is retired from 25-30 thousand rubles. A number of these officials have already equaled the number of the army (about 1.4 million) and growing. And all they have to give good salaries, pensions, various social benefits. So here we are not obedient to military retirees.
Fact 6.
Our rulers (some short-sighted and ordinary citizens), when once again raises the issue of pensions to military pensioners, say.
«But they’re still young and able to earn a living. Why give them so we need the very favorite petrodollars. »
At the same time they are due to their ignorance or greed, do not understand or want to understand one simple truth.
Why in normal countries the military pensioners and social well-supplied and they do not need to look for work after retirement, that is elementary to survive as we do.
You respected retired military personnel have not thought about that? Probably most of you will answer that for their services. I think that this is not true.
The capitalists know how to count and save money, and if it were possible to save money on military retirees, like us, they would not hesitate to do it.
But there sat at the head of the state literate people. They understand what good military – professionals (and they are really high-level professionals) can do only one thing and do it professionally – it’s murder.
This they have learned throughout his life. They even psychology so be prepared.
And if such a professional – the killer turns out to be rejected by society without normal means of livelihood?
Here’s it! I think he understands the calls to relearn, but just go to the crime. And then the fight with the state will need to spend more money …
So what do we, military retirees?
This I have repeatedly said in his articles on issues of military pensions and military pensions, but, nevertheless, once again.
1. Military retirees should not be wasting time trying to reach out to those in power, lest they «forgot» to raise you your military pension. I hope you have already seen that they are military retirees do not want to hear and is aware that it is doing. That is, will perform Gaidar …
Stop thinking about military pensions from the state, and it is not hard, better start thinking about their own retirement. And try to instill this idea to your children and grandchildren. While they have power, time to make not dependent on these rulers retirement.
None of them, about their pensions do not care, especially in the army.
Let the better will be engaged in learning – as the most successful, how to become financially independent, how to stay healthy and as a result, be happy, including retirement.

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