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Official’s Pension Fund and the Hotel Schloss Seefels

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Want to earn money, go into business, want to devote themselves to public service – live on the salary

Vladimir Putin


Last week I had a chance to listen to the program «Minority Report» on radio «Echo of Moscow».

At this time a separate opinion on the events in Russia expressed Viktor Shenderovich, satirist, author of the former program, «Dolls» on NTV.
And at the end of the program, he said:

«I sent a letter to a friend, he is resting in Austria, in Velden on Lake Wörth. He himself a physician, physician’s wife, they are long since gone, and there they rest, relieve some pansionchik … And there, at the Schloss live three official’s from Russia: 700 euros per night, one of the Ministry of Health, another of the Pension Fund, the third of the health insurance system. «

And further:

    «Whether relying on us to leave, whether they are in the service of care – helping pensioners and the poor – so quickly prospered. This is to be determined. If the MOH, health insurance and pension fund interest, they can look at Schloss Hotel and see who’s there ? And we will all live much easier. «

And it’s really interesting, what kind of a hotel, where the official’s lodge of the most disadvantaged in terms of finance ministries in Russia and the very, very razneschastnogo in the world of the Pension Fund, which could make ends meet can not be reduced?

Schloss Seefels – best hotel on Lake Wörth.

The basis of the hotel – it’s ancestral castle, built in 1861 right on the lake.

The hotel combines Mediterranean charm, refined luxury, exceptional and exclusive nature of the situation.
Here are the interiors, which are said to have a rest from the officials of the Pension Fund and the Ministry of Health:

176069 Officials Pension Fund and the Hotel Schloss Seefels
Номер в отеле Schloss Seefels

29522 l Officials Pension Fund and the Hotel Schloss Seefels
Автомобиль Porsche в холле отеля

29525 l Officials Pension Fund and the Hotel Schloss Seefels
Вход в отель

18582 l Officials Pension Fund and the Hotel Schloss Seefels
Ресторан отеля

18592 l Officials Pension Fund and the Hotel Schloss Seefels
Винный погреб отеля

«Novaya Gazeta» published an open letter from a group of Russian scientists and public figures.

  • «We do not like that in public procurement stolen trillion rubles – about as much as the government spends in total on three key items of the federal budget: education, health and social policy. Why did not the prime minister uses the power of the state to plug the hole thieves?
  • We did not like the president of zero years, watching the television honest eyes, talked about «a harmless gas» in Dubrovka, because of which killed 130 people – among them many children. Do not like the fact that the Beslan terrorist act and was not fully investigated, and we still do not know who all the same and for any money to the school missed by the entire city car packed with weapons and militants. But we know that immediately after Maskhadov’s offer to attend the talks began the assault, which killed hundreds of children. The president and his government was unable or unwilling to protect them. But do not forget to respond to the child’s death the abolition of gubernatorial elections – that is, care about their own political gain. Election is not, the attacks continue.
  •  We do not like that in the parliament of Russia and even among the heads of the Federation shall sit citizens officially suspects abroad in the organization of assassinations, while behind bars keep people, the real fault lies in the fact that they crossed the road from St. Petersburg team.
  • We do not like that in the Putin years federalism collapsed and lost regions of the stimulus to growth, because they have taken away most of the taxes. In the lean 90s in Russia was 20-25 donor regions in fat zero – in half. Russian province degraded. At the same time people known personal closeness to the prime minister, controls the major raw material, infrastructure and media assets of the country.
  • We do not like building a magnificent palace in Praskoveevke on the Black Sea, at a cost comparable to Bureya HPP. Do not like the fact that it is funded from non-transparent sources not related to the budget, but is protected by government agencies.
  • We do not like that in the years of Putin’s «stability» – and high oil prices – has been taken of the natural steps to reform the pension system, health care, education and science. Did not raise any new competitive sectors of the economy. At the beginning of the era referred to the share of oil and gas revenues in the budget was less than a third. By its end, it came close to half. Dependence of the economy of the game world energy prices has grown to dangerous proportions.
  • We categorically do not like the sound of Prime patriotic rhetoric has monopolized the vertical as a private or corporate property. It is immoral, ineffective, but also dangerous for the country. The owner always protect their property. Therefore, elections are perceived as not above the natural process of redistribution of power, and as an illegal attempt to wrest from the new nomenclature is that it de facto owned for 12 years.

Power has become the best, most profitable and least risky business in Russia. And polls show that Russian teenagers do not want to engage in business, science – they want to be members or officials. «


Interested in whether the management of the Pension Fund and the Health Ministry for its officials think?

323634 Officials Pension Fund and the Hotel Schloss Seefels

P.S. And all this «good life» is at the expense of our taxes at the expense of our pension deductions and deductions for social insurance. This beautiful life and we pay for just us. And our old people. Our moms and dads and grandparents. Which this year with great fanfare, «raised pensions» as much as 8.8%, which was (scary to imagine this huge amount!) 642 rubles!! Or $ 21 – already twenty-one ever-green dollar!

(I think that an official in the brave at Schloss Seefels this increase to their pensions would not be enough even to be tipped elevator)

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