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Monuments dogs – faithful friends of man

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Irish ancient proverb says: «A house without children, a dog or cat – a house without love and joy.»

Good question, but why people give birth to dogs?

They do this from a variety of reasons.

Some want to have a good guard in the courtyard, the other, a trusted assistant in hunting, and others want to have a close friend. Love for animals, the desire to communicate with the natural need of every person, evidence of his kindness.

Thousands of years of dog is deservedly famous as a best friend and helper of man. Writers, poets and scientists of all times and in all countries, praise the dog for its comprehension. loyalty and dedication to raise her man.

The first one-man so long been called a dog. Many, many famous people would say to myself that they were friends since childhood with dogs and loved them. Chekhov said: «Nice people-dog.» Mayakovsky himself painted as a joke in the form of a large clumsy puppy. «The exceptional animal» called the dog brilliant Russian scientist, physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov. He said that a dog brought in people person.

In gratitude to the faithful friends of man placed the monuments that can be found in various countries around the world.

Monument Dedication


toljatti Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

All events took place on the bypass road outside the city of Togliatti on South Highway, which runs on Avtozavodsky district and leads to a car factory and the track next to the M5 buckwheat. One day in 1995, city residents spotted the dog on the roadside. He was always in the same place and rushed at passing cars. The dog was the German Shepherd dog. Rumors of the city reverberated quickly and, subsequently, the dog became the property of the citizens.

Intrigued by this event in more detail, the inhabitants of the urban district of Togliatti learned that in the summer of 1995 not far from this place there was a car accident two cars. Officially, the car collided with a cherry-red counter machine. Inside the car were cherry dog ​​and its owners – a young couple (a version that they were newlyweds.) The girl died on the spot, and a man in serious condition was taken to hospital where he died a couple of hours. Miraculously survived only dog. Nicknames it was not known, so that the people nicknamed him «faithful» or «Kostya» (diminutive of the name of Constantine, which in Greek means «permanent», «true»).

Dog kennel built, and even tried to take him home, but no attempt was unsuccessful. The dog always came back, looking forward to their owners. And in the snow and rain, the weather and time, he was invariably in his place. From sympathetic citizens, he took only food. In any weather, he always waited and ran all the next passing car. Anyone who has traveled to some cases in the «new» or «old» city, constantly running around Constantine saw by the roadside or quietly resting on the grass. The townspeople are very loved Constantine and turned his story into a «living legend».

In 2002, the dog died. He was found dead in the woods. In the city there were rumors that Constantine hit by a truck «KAMAZ», whose driver, scared of anger people hid his body in the woods novogorodskom, thereby hiding the evidence and walking away from responsibility. However, traces of violent death were found, and the rumors remain unconfirmed. Kostya had died a natural death. Most likely, the dog went into the woods, there to die. Constantine waited for his master to the last second.

It was sad news for all citizens, and the dog loved it at any time could become a living legend of the city. For lack of funds, in memory of the dog people have put the roadside memorial shield with the inscription.

This shield is constantly blown away by the wind and it often broke vandals. Then came the city of Togliatti public with the initiative to put a bronze statue of Constantine the present. For the first time the official idea of ​​this monument made by a pupil of grade 8 school district number 39 Komsomolsk – Naletova Xenia in 1990, even before the events of summer 1995. She took part in those days held in city-wide competition «for the best sketch of the monument in the city.» His monument contestant named «Monument of loyalty»: «On the pedestal of dogs, wrapped in tape around the dog, which symbolizes the road. At the end of the tape – a star, symbolizing the soul master. Eye dog were called to the star. » Photo of the layout has been printed in the newspaper «Freedom Square». In 2002, this idea has become more relevant than ever, about the project and offered Ksenia remembered to translate into reality. The problem arose only with the collection of funds for the very sculpture. Took it upon himself Togliatti Rotary Club, which is an association of business and energetic people, headed by the deputy mayor of Togliatti – Nicholas Alfredovich Renzo. Money collected from sponsors as well as bonuses and donations from ordinary citizens. A total of its value in a city monument cost 250 000 rubles.

Erected a monument to the hereditary sculptor from Ulyanovsk – Oleg Klyuyev. Oleg’s mother was a sculptor – Love Tours, honored artist of the Russian Federation. The monument stands at the 21 blocks to the intersection of South Highway and Lev Yashin in the seven-storey house number 25. The very tall sculpture of a little over five feet set on a granite pedestal. Oleg raised him so that passers-by the way drivers think that the dog turns his head after the passing cars, as if still hoping to see their dead masters.

Monument helpers scientists


444 Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

Monument to a dog near the Institute of Experimental Medicine Academician Pavlov.

The dog has long been used nauke.Osobenno worked with the dogs, our famous physiologist academician IP Pavlov.

pavlov Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

Almost all of his experiments and research he and his students performed on dogs. The results of numerous experiments, IP Pavlova are universal scientific implications for biology, medicine and veterinary medicine. Academician always appreciated as reliable assistants dogs and long cherished dream of building a monument to them.
V1935, this dream has come true. Then in the Soviet Union held the International Congress of Physiologists xv, moderated by Pavlov agreed, although he then was already 85 years old.
A few days before the Congress in the garden of the Institute of Experimental Medicine in Leningrad, the opening of the bronze statue sobake.Skulptor-I. Bespalov. On a high pedestal, sitting round a dog.

In fact, a pedestal – a few bas-reliefs depicting various experiments on dogs and their statements help to scientists from the pen of the great physiologist.

Monument to Saint Bernard Barry

barri Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

In Paris, built one of the most famous monuments in the dog. It was built in 1899. On a stone pedestal, a huge dog and trusting child clung to him. The inscription on the pedestal reads: «Barry, who saved forty people and killed forty-first.»

The history of this monument is.
In the Alps there is a pass, called Senbernarskim. Once it was a road linking Italy with the countries of Central Europe. This road was difficult not only because it had been laid at a height of two and a half miles, but also because the weather in this area is unstable: a sudden starts the wind storm, caught in the way the travelers often lose direction and died.
In the X century at the pass settled Monastery of Saint Bernard. The monks gave shelter to his monastic travelers to the hotel, which took place on the pass, helping those in need. The XIII century the monks brought the powerful and intelligent dogs, known as Saint Bernards. These dogs are not afraid of the cold and wind, they are not afraid of a deep snow. Thanks to its excellent instinct they searched for buried by snow, huddled in the road or falling into the holes of the mountain people. Among the St. Bernards had its champions, its celebrities. One of the most famous rescue was a dog named Leo. He saved 35 people. But even more famous was Barry, the man who saved forty people had been killed and forty-first.
They say it happened so. Once played out a particularly strong storm. The dogs who came in search of people in trouble, one after the other, exhausted, back to the monastery. Only Barry continued to wander among the mountains. Apparently, he feel something told. And the instinct had not deceived him. In the end, he found a man covered with snow. Dug his dog became a bother freezing, licking his face. But, opening his eyes and saw the dog’s face, the man decided that the wolf before him. The man pulled out a revolver (the stories of others – the knife) and killed Barry. This was the forty-first, the rescued dog.

But there is another version. Barry really saved the forty-one man. Forty-first was a child. No one knew that the child at the pass. It is unknown how he was alone. And it smelled just Barry. The dog had time: the child, though unconscious, but was still alive. Barry went there to warm him with her body. For a long time licking his face. The boy woke up. But I could not get up and just grabbed the dog by the neck. Barry began to slowly and gently pull it. Old Barry was very hard. The boy saw it and climbed to the top dog. So the dog and brought it to people.
And Barry, after serving twenty years for people to have died a natural death and was living out the last few years in the city.
Scarecrow Barry still stands in the Swiss Museum of Natural History in Bern. And after so many decades in 1899 in Paris, was a monument to Barry, as evidenced by the carved name on the monument. On a pedestal – a big dog – St. Bernard, and on her back, gripping the neck sits a little girl.
Now we hardly know which version is true and what is not. But it does not matter. It is important that Barry – and the other St. Bernards – saving people, served them, and people put them in gratitude to the monument.

Barry Monument – a monument to all of St. Bernard, to rescue people.


Monument to Laika

laj Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

That Laika made ​​history as the first Earth dweller, rising into space. This momentous event occurred in 1957. The sculpture is installed in the territory of the State Scientific-Research Institute of Military Medicine of the Ministry of Defense.

Monument devotee Bobby

The extraordinary dedication Skye Terrier has become known worldwide thanks to the British novelist Elinor Atkinson. She described her life doggie named Bobby, just a bit of spice and sweetened this story.
Actually have survived not one but two stories about Bobby, which differ in almost everything except the final and name of the dog. Which are closer to the truth – now can not be established, so we will tell you both, and where more of the truth – judge for yourself.

The first story

1 Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

Bobby was born in 1856 in the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. It was a sky of rare species these days rock – with hanging ears. Boss Bobby, named John Gray was a police constable.
Skye terrier and its owner with great success catching pickpockets in the outlying areas of Edinburgh, but in 1858 John Gray died of tuberculosis, the disease at that time very popular. He was buried in the cemetery for the poor called «Greyfrayers.» The dog accompanied the coffin to the burial place and stayed at the grave, carrying a vigil next to the owner for 14 years.
Every day Bobby went around town the usual «cop» route, and again returned to the cemetery, rejecting any offer to stay and live with someone.
Once Bobby was taken to a village far away from Edinburgh, but he escaped and returned again to the cemetery fence. After that incident, the lord mayor himself has paid the license for the content of Skye, and ordered to wear a collar with Bobby security marked, to a dog wandering nobody has seen and not hurt.
Only shortly before the end of his life Bobby had agreed to live in the family home Trails. That they have, before the hearth, and he died in 1872 at the age of 16 years.
Bobby was buried in the lawn near the cemetery of the church, and soon after that and built on the site as a memorial fountain statue depicting a seated with drooping ears of Skye. Its sponsor was the Baroness Burdett-Koutts, later opened a museum rocks, located near the cemetery.

History of the Second


bob Monuments dogs faithful friends of manIn 1850, John Gray, known as Old Jack took the puppy, whom he called Bobby. Bobby grew up and began to help the Old Jack graze his sheep. Each week they went to the sheep market, and when the walls of Edinburgh Castle from a signal cannon fired (this happened at exactly one o’clock), went to the tavern of Mr. Trails.
Eight years later the old man lost his job and sent Bobby to the farm, where he took his puppy. But the dog could not part with the owner and soon found him in the same inn. Old Jack took the dog with him and wanted to send back to the farm, but he died. When the dead man found faithful Bobby kept watch body. The old man was buried, and walked the dog every night in the cemetery Greyfrayers, at the grave of his master. He would sit there, day by day but is driven away.
Nine years after the death of Mr. Jack’s Old Trail fed Bobby to his inn. And then the dog was taken as a stray. But he was lucky: the Lord warder (Scottish lord mayor) paid for his freedom. Bobby put on the collar with the inscription: «From the Lord warder, 1867. Has a resolution. » In 1872, Bobby was dead and, according to legend, he was buried in the grave of Old Jack. And the residents of Edinburgh have collected money and delivered a faithful dog statue-fountain.
Oracle of our day is just that in Edinburgh at the intersection of Bridge and Cheymberstrit George IV really is a monument-fountain, which is one of the attractions of Edinburgh. It is called «Greyfrayers Bobby» and his image is placed in all the guidebooks on the city. On the monument bears the inscription: «Sky terrier Bobby – the most loyal dog in the world.»
The story captured the imagination of the faithful Bobby Walt Disney, who published in 1960 film based on the book, Eleanor Atkinson. By the way, Skye terrier – the leading man in this film, the film company was bought from the Chief Constable of Edinburgh. Later, he gave the dog as a gift to local children’s home where the dog lived another 18 years.


Monument Izhevsk Zvezdochka-Astronaut


zvezd Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

In Izhevsk, March 25, 2006 was a monument to the dog-astronaut asterisk in the park on the street of the Youth. Author – Izhevsk sculptor Pavel Medvedev.
At a height of about half a sculpture made ​​of metal and engraved in the history of dog-astronaut and the first names inscribed unclassified professionals, paving the way into space (so-called «List of Stars» of 50 names). The text is duplicated in Braille (for blind people). The asterisk was the last dog-astronaut, who returned safely to Earth. After its landing, March 25, 1961 a final decision about the flight of the first man into space.

 Monument Murray Fellahill (Falla)

ruzvelt Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

Skotchterer, loyal dog of Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), became the most popular of all dogs, the White House. In 1944, during the campaign Roosevelt visited Alaska, and returning to Washington, in the confusion forgot Pallu in the hotel. Recollected, was horrified and immediately sent for a four-legged friend a military aircraft – of course, at taxpayers’ expense. Newspapers are literally overwhelmed by the shaft of indignation. And while Roosevelt has made an unprecedented attack in U.S. history – appeared on national radio in favor of the dog. In his famous «Fall-speech,» he said of the noble soul of your pet and how to help him in the Fall of life. After this memorable monologue Falla Roosevelt became even more popular. It is said that Fala, take food only from the President, the guests often had to wait for a table, while Mr. President, to feed his dog. Today, Fala is next to his master: dog posthumously memorialized in Washington as a memorial.

Monument dog Montargis

100 Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

In the old castle near the town of Fontainebleau, south of the French capital, there is a stone slab, which shows a scene of battle hounds with a man. This is – a monument to the dog named Hercules, whose unusual story told to us the ancient chronicles.

In medieval jurisprudence, there is such a thing as the Judgement of God, or justice of the Lord. In those days, very often there were «bouts of justice» when the accuser was fighting with the accused. Guilty considered vanquished, and who has taken the upper hand in competition recognized the right of God and human law. The loser was going to trial.

Such a duel was not a means to meet the wounded vanity, and was administered as one of the three tests of the suspect (fire, water, and iron) in order to achieve the truth, when other ways to know it was not possible. It was believed that the truth – on the side of who wins, because he helps himself God.

The laws of those years to justify such a trial – it was believed that heaven will not allow the victory of the perpetrator.

One of these fights took place October 8, 1371 in Paris, during the reign of King Charles V Valois (the Wise). This duel is amazing that as a prosecutor in her came … the dog
The background is. In the court of French King was a young knight Aubrey de Montdidier. He was a brave, intelligent and honest. Reputed favorite of the monarch himself. Men felt honored to have with Aubrey friendship, ladies adored him …

In one tournament in archery knight Aubrey de Montdidier victory over one of the best archers of the kingdom Makkerom. The shooter had been humiliated before the entire court. He tried to take revenge, over and over again calling Aubrey a duel, but each time failed. I grew Makkera desire for revenge and, finally, he decided to kill treacherously opponent. But it was not easy to make, because knight is always accompanied by a big yellow dog named Hercules. Hercules, when he was still blind puppies, like to drown, but Aubrey had saved him, he took into his home and raised. The dog was a knight loyal friend.

One day Aubrey de Montdidier Hercules sent from Paris to Fontainebleau for his bride, to notify her of imminent arrival. Smart dog knew the road and quickly carry out the assignment owner. However, as time went on, and that all was not.
Yearned Hercules escaped from Fontainebleau, and went back to Paris. No one knows how, not finding the house owner, the dog eventually found his body in a forest near the village of Bondy (now a suburb of Paris to the north-east of the center). The body was hidden under a huge pile of leaves. The dog dug it three days spent near the dead knight, and then ran to his friend de Narsaq.

Because the dog was very skinny, this gentleman wanted to feed her. But she refused to eat, and, seizing his teeth over his jacket, pulled behind him. Knowing the gumption Hercules de Narsaq took two armed servants, and followed the dog … After the funeral, Aubrey de Hercules chose Narsaq his master and not leave him a single step, as if afraid, as if with him something had happened.

A few days later, walking in the company Hercules, de Narsaq Makkera met. For no apparent reason, the dog lunged at the man, trying to grab him by the throat. The dog dragged him with great difficulty, but since then whenever a meeting with Makkerom she rushed barking at him. This led to suspicions that it was Makker – Aubrey de Messire killer, because before dogs are very friendly to all military, formed part of King’s personal guards.

The news of the unusual behavior of the dog spread rapidly in the yard. The King decided to personally investigate the matter. He ordered to line up in front of the palace of two hundred soldiers, crossbowmen of noble birth. Then entered the yard the dog killed the young man. Hercules once again threw himself on the Crusader Makkera. King perpetrate questioning a suspect in which he denied everything, although it was aware of occurred before the quarrel between Aubrey and Makkerom.

His Majesty King Charles V Valois, called a council wisest. It was decided to resort to «God’s justice.» Makkeru suspected of the murder, was ordered to fight with the dog, who acted as prosecutor. The place chosen for the fight then the uninhabited island of Notre Dame (now the Ile Saint-Louis) in the middle of the Seine.

Makker armed with a thick stick and a shield. A dog for protection and retreat provided a barrel with a hole. Was given to mark the beginning of the fight, and the dog immediately jumped on his opponent. Artfully dodging the blows, Hercules knocked to the ground and Makkera grabbed by the throat. Begging him to release him from the dog, the murderer confessed everything, «Yes, I did it. Take the dog, and I’ll tell you everything …. »
So Hercules avenge his master. On the orders of Charles V Makker was hanged, and faithful dog a monument after his death.

… This unique contest went down in history as a «duel dog Montargis.» (Montargis – the name of the castle, painted on the walls of which telling us about this unusual incident. There is also a series of engravings on the subject of the famous artist of the XVI century Andrue Serso. But the best about this case, said historian and author Olivier de la Marche in the «Book of dueling» published in Paris in 1568.

Monument to courting couples from Krasnodar

2 Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

In Krasnodar, on the corner of Red and Peace is a monument to love dogs.

The appearance of this unusual monument was made possible thanks to the project for improvement of Krasnodar, initiated by the City Department of Architecture. The new project involves creating a small park of sculptures that decorate lawns, parks, squares, boulevards, new regional center.

«We were able to realize the fun, whimsical design. We marched to the project year,» – said at the unveiling of the monument sculptor Valery Pchelin. According to him, the two lovers dogs – residents’ Sobachkin capital «, as in a poem called Krasnodar Vladimir Mayakovsky .

«Krasnodar – the city for people and dogs, too, are its rightful inhabitants. This «Sobachkin capital» – the city in the city … to his people (dogs) can be treated like animals. But they are like us, they’re part of us «- said Pchelin.

According to him, a monument to love dogs «is on the joy of the people» to a gloomy man, seeing him, amused.

In turn, the chief architect of Krasnodar, Alexander Kuznetsov said that the unique monument of the dogs lies in the fact that he was only in the city, who shall desire.

«To desire fulfilled, it is necessary to rub the dog leg» – said the architect.


Monument to the White Bim

bim Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

There is a modest monument in the world that stops passers-by and forced to suddenly feel the excitement, tenderness, and anxiety.
This monument was inaugurated in early 1998. Monument Bimu of books from Voronezh writer Gabriel N. Troepol’skaya (1906-1995) «White Bim Black Ear» (1971). On a sunny autumn day when the Day of Voronezh of the city, Bima sculpture was installed in front of the puppet theater. This is one of the most popular places in town kids. Beam cast in metal sitting in a pose, which is usually good, smart and loyal dog who quit waiting for a time host. In sculpture there is a pedestal: Bim sitting on the ground. And the kids gently stroked it as if he was alive.
And he really seems alive. When you look at the sculpture, you feel yourself to his anxious and devoted look, as if asking: where is my boss? But Bimu never wait for him: he died suddenly, and Bim was orphaned, left all alone in a huge city. Gabriel Troepol’skaya book about the tragic fate of Bim was a huge success. The writer sometimes jokingly said: «He has released its I Beam at will in Voronezh, since he runs.» And probably half of the world ran: in dozens of countries, translated and published the novel «White Bim Black Ear.» Book Troepol’skaya included in the compulsory program of U.S. colleges. Based on the novel in Russia put the film also had a huge success.
The monument Bimu – known sculptors Voronezh Elsa Pak and Ivan Dikun, State Prize of Russia. While working on a monument to them often came by the story, advised, gave advice. Unfortunately, Gabriel Troepol’skaya not destined to see their favorite Bima in the metal a few years ago he died.
At the monument is always a lot of kids, cheerful and noisy. They hugged him, taking pictures on the memory. A Bim was still sad and faithfully watching people’s eyes, as if to ask: when will the owner?
And although it’s not really a dog existed, but only a literary character, we can say that for more than one generation of our people were brought up to his tragic fate. He who wept over this book, became a little bit kinder, as the author himself – «the soul of it is …». Re-read the book again, it is primarily about people. «So, no dog in the world does not consider ordinary devotion something unusual. But people have come up with this feeling of praise the dog as a feat only because not all of them and do not often have the dedication and devotion to duty other so much that it was the root of life, the natural foundation of the substance, when the nobility of the soul – for granted the status. » That is the nobility of the soul teaches us setter Beam, frozen on the avenue of the Revolution in Voronezh.

Another tip:
In the center of Voronezh, on the prospect of the Revolution he settled dog. Sitting on the pavement at the puppet theater, looking confidently at the hurrying passers by. The idea to establish a monument in the capital of Black Earth White Bimu emerged in the mid-80s, when he was still alive by the novel «White Bim Black Ear,» Gabriel N. Troepol’skaya. Sitting on the pavement, Beam has become a monument not only to literary prototype, but also the author of the book. Beam cast stainless steel in Penza, Voronezh plants were not undertaken. And the whole work, from design to installation, carried out by the authors (IP Dikunova and his wife E.N Park. Both of Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of State Prize). By the way, the authors specifically their Bim seated directly on the pavement, without any pedestal, so that children can pet and hug the dog, wag his bronze ears. So we could remember the inscription on the collar. «His name is Bim. He waits for the host. He knows his house. Do not oppress its people …»


Monument of stray dogs in Moscow metro

metromos Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

metromsk Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

The idea of ​​creating a monument «Compassion» has gathered around him many famous people. In the board of trustees of the monument were: Elena Kamburova (Chairman), Oleg Anofriev, Arcade Arcanov, Bella Akhmadulina, Andrew Bitov, Evgeny Bunimovich, Elina Bystritskaya, Valentin Gaft, Gennadiy Gladkov, Alexander Gradskij, Grigory Gladkov, Vladimir Dashkevich, Armen Dzhigarhanyan, Yevgeny Yevtushenko , Fazil Iskander, Lyudmila Kasatkin, Yuri Kuklachev, Michael Levitin, Andrei Makarevich,  Olga Ostroumova, Lyubov Polishchuk, Slava P’etsukh, Konstantin Raikin, Yuri Rost, Sergei Sereda (president of the League of practicing veterinarians Russia), Yuri Solomin, Yuri Shevchuk, Michael Shirvindt Alexei Shcheglov, Yuri Yakovlev, the lawyers: Pauline Beetle, Ekaterina Polyakov, Stanislav Markelov, Henry Padva, Henry Reznik, and others. Project curator – writer, journalist Irina Ozernaya.
The installation site of the monument «Compassion» is not by chance – literally a stone’s throw away in podulichnom transition station «Mendeleev» was publicly stabbed with a kitchen knife dog boy, the favorite of many passengers and metro workers.
Investigation of this crime «Izvestia» newspaper devoted several articles (materials Irina Lakeland: «They killed the boy,» «The right to violence,» «The boy returned to the subway,» «Well, think of it, a dog stabbed with a knife,» and others).
Resonance caused by these publications was enormous. The group of folk artists turned to the head of Metro Dmitry Gaev to support the idea of ​​creating a monument to «Compassion» on station «Mendeleev», symbolizing respect for all living things, a protest against cruelty to stray animals.
Metro chief supported the idea, but after he was shown a sketch of the bronze and architectural design of the monument «Compassion», he highly appreciated the work of art, said in an interview with «Izvestiya» that the function of this sculpture is only surpassed zoozaschitnuyu, as it certainly will have a favorable influence on people’s minds, and requires first and foremost children. And particularly – in today’s difficult times.
The money for the monument «Compassion» gathering all the world – they come from Russian and foreign citizens in the theater of music and poetry under the guidance of Elena Kamburova. Among the donors – both simple and very famous people, many cultural figures.

This is no accident.

After treatment of animals in the state – is, in the words of Leo Tolstoy, «the first stage of morality» that can not jump to get to the next – it clearly demonstrates the moral state of society.
On the night of 15 on February 16 memorial «Compassion» was installed at the station «Mendeleev».
February 17, 2007 in the lobby of the station «Mendeleev» the opening ceremony the world’s first monument dedicated to the humane treatment of stray animals. It is symbolic that this event took place on the last day of the Year of the Dog eastern calendar.

The most famous dog in Moscow this time ceased to be homeless, finding a shelter. The sculpture, cast in bronze, mounted on the pedestal of the coil-monolith.


moskmetro Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

 Monuments Leader of sled dogs

Two monuments erected gloomy northern dogs Balto and Togo.


balto Monuments dogs faithful friends of man


Balto has made quite a feat. In the town of Nome, Alaska (1925) outbreak of diphtheria threatened to take away the lives of many people. Saving serum should be delivered from the nearest town of Nenana, that 600 miles (slightly more 1000kilometrov) from Nome. In difficult conditions lingering blizzard, several dog teams, relay race in five days (instead of nine forecast) has been delivered the precious cargo. At the last step of the way of harness 13 dogs kept the leader Balto, knew him all Alyaska.Obessilenny and frozen musher mushing could not control. Bolt had chosen the right path and brought the harness to Nome. The very next day, many American newspapers published reports of the heroic relay in Alaska, perfect men and their helpers, dogs.

One monument placed bolt of Nome residents, and the second is set in Central Park in New York in late 1925.

On the cliff – a bronze dog in harness.

A typical husky: erect ears, curled back hvost. Poza dog is fit and ready for use. This is Togo.


alt Monuments dogs faithful friends of man


In the period c 1915 to 1917 in a race across Alaska has consistently won Leonard Seppala Siberian Husky with a team. This man was the legendary mushers.

Seppala, a Norwegian by birth, came to Alaska in search of gold at the beginning of the century. For the first time he participated in races in 1914, when he became the owner of the sled dogs. Later he took part in the unsuccessful expedition explorer Ronald Amundsen, after which stayed with the dogs in their arms.
The most famous legend about Seppale was born in 1925, when he and his dog team played a major role in the delivery of diphtheria serum from Nenana to Nome. Diphtheria outbreak in Nome in the early years led to a rapid depletion of antitoxin, which could only fill in Anchorage.

Antitoxin could also bring the train from Nenagh, but the sled dogs that could be done quickly. To accelerate the transport of Nenana was decided to use the baton from the dog-sled, to a meeting that went out of Nome on his sleigh Seppala. At the meeting, Seppala was given serum, and he went back to Nome. It was very risky and difficult enterprise, associated with more risks. Through musher courage and endurance of his dogs, a diphtheria epidemic was defeated, and the Seppala became a hero. The most famous leader of his dog team for many years was the One who led the harness at the time of the famous serum run. (On this heroic statue recalls the history of sled dog in New York’s Central Park.)

togo Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

Togo died in 1929, but his genes are still visible in many lines of Alaskan huskies. While the Baltic line disappeared. As always, time inexorably puts everything in its place – someone fame and then forgotten, someone’s achievements have remained almost unnoticed, but over time the good name restored. Life is a series of such loss and discovery, forgetfulness and returns. These thoughts are evoked strong materials on Togo, Balto, sepals and Kaasene, dogs and humans, their merits and leaving traces in people’s minds.

The body of Togo is located in the Museum of the City of Wasilla / Wasilla, Alaska.

togo1 Monuments dogs faithful friends of man


Semper Fidelis – «always faithful!» Marine Corps motto on the monument to fallen U.S. colleagues, Dobermans.

amer Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

At the end of World War II, when Dobermans were officially enrolled in the U.S. Marine Corps, he was awarded the ‘title’ «Semper Fidelis» («Always faithful»). There was a belief that every dog-soldier, sacrificing his life was saved, at least ten soldiers. On patrol in the jungle, tracking work and on patrol, guarding the sleeping camp, attack the enemy, mine detection traps – these are tasks that are carried out with honor Dobermans. They were trained to stand up to the end of each bay, go through fire and water, climb stairs, take the obstacles, protect, discover and bring things.
After 50 years, a veteran of the Marine Corps, Dr. Putnam, after visiting the graveyard of military dogs on the island of Guam, imbued with the idea of ​​creating a memorial to the fallen comrade, Dobermans. He appealed to the United Doberman Club, where he received his support. The questions the inhabitants of that kind of hype around a handful of animals that died fifty years ago, the veteran responded that the dogs sacrificed their lives to save American soldiers, is what makes them heroes in our minds and need to know about their exploits and remembered.
By order of the Pentagon July 21, 1994. a fifty-year anniversary of the liberation of Guam in the cemetery of military dogs marines, where the graves are marked by small tombstones, erected a memorial on which the names of 25 Dobermans. The pedestal is surmounted by a bronze figure of a dog sculptor Susan B. Vilner. Memorial is called «Always faithful.» This is a well-deserved honor those brave dogs who have worked and performed their duty ALWAYS TRUE – «Semper Fidelis»!

The monument stands in the dog park Niasvizh castle.

nes1 Monuments dogs faithful friends of man
At the end of the XIX century grateful Radziwill installed it in honor of his dog that saved his life on the hunt. The monument is a beagle hound with a medal around his neck, sitting on a stone pedestal.

Monument to Joe the Magnificent

rot Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

The monument is located in a park in Memforde, Ontario, near the shore of Charon. The story goes that a dog was saved from a cruel owner, this story was described by the author Margaret Marshall Saunders, who visited the town in 1892. She wrote a novel, «Beautiful Joe» the core of which will be based on the life history of the dog so the dog has a unique opportunity to become famous. The dog took to his dealer, a book about Joe the Magnificent, the city gave birth to the movement for humane treatment of animals.
Joe greets visitors at the entrance to the park. In Ontario, there is a historical plaque that indicates the burial place of Joe.

Monument to a dog’s loyalty.


56 1 Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

Dog named Jock whole year waiting for a ring of Grunwald (rondo Grunwaldskie – transport interchange in Krakow) of the owner.
According to the Association of Friends of Animals in Krakow, its owner, probably died of a heart attack at a time when riding in a car in this area. The dog practically lived in the area in anticipation of the owner for nine months. He became the darling of the residents of nearby houses.
Community services workers were trying to attach it to a shelter for stray dogs, but Jock did not give them a hand.
Adults and children brought him food. A year later, Jock yet he chose a new owner – an old geography teacher, Maria Muller. When she died, Jock was transferred to a dog shelter, from which he escaped and threw himself under a train.
Monument sculptor Bronislaw Lame (Bronislawa Chromego), made ​​of sandstone, is holding out a paw dog surrounded by caring human hands raised in 2001.

«Dedicated to the memory of military dogs. Erected with funds collected by dog lovers in honor of a true friend of man, he served on the battlefields of 1914-1918″ USA

sshp Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

At this time, the collective image of the dog-hero of World War II. Bronze shepherd with a bag of the Red Cross on the breast.

Monument dog Shep

shepa Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

In the United States on the high bank of the Missouri River (the largest tributary of Mississippi) is a monument to the Scottish sheep dog, large stones are placed on a hill so that they form a significant distance inscription «Shep».
For the first time Shep came here when the coffin of the host (a shepherd dog which grazed herd) transferred from train to boat. Soon the railroad have noticed that the dog came to every train and ran away with the departure of his. His whole manner expressed the desperate longing dog … The news of the devotional Shepe spread quickly, showered with letters of inquiries about its fate. Almost 6 years old carried his watch Shep. In January 1942, the dog was gone. In the spring of the money raised by railway, was built this monument to fidelity.


Monument kid Smokey

smo Monuments dogs faithful friends of man


One of the most famous dogs in the world war, less than four Funtana weight. YANK magazine calls «Smokey» champion mascot-south-west Pacific, 1944.
But Smokey was more than a mascot. He assisted in pulling the signalers communication cable, helping in hospitals to entertain injured soldiers in hospitals from Australia to Korea.
Smokey died in 1957, beloved and true hero. A monument in honor of Smokey little hero of World War II and most of the famous military dog ​​is in Cleveland, Ohio.

Monument Dog Australian settler

avschtral Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

Hume on the freeway between Sydney and Melbourne within five miles of Gandagaya – a small but very famous town in Australia – is a monument. The monument was erected in honor of the pioneers of the Australian outback. Only on a pedestal is not a man-pioneer, and the dog, who sat on a wooden box for a meal. The dog and the box – those unchanging attributes the brave individuals who moved on ox-carts into the continent, driving cattle or sheep shearers roaming, or simply robber on the highway.
The image of a dog guarding a box with supplies of food, authentically conveys the harsh environment of everyday life of the first generations of Australians.

Monument Hachiko, faithful dog.

khatiko Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

Not only is the monument to put the dog, he also put her more in her life that really quite rare. A story known to all. He lived in Tokyo professor, at the beginning of this century, and he had a dog. Every day he went to work at the University and the dog accompanied him to the station. Moreover, the dog was very intelligent, and in the evening at 7 o’clock, she came to the station to meet his master. So they lived very amicably, but had an accident, the professor died, directly from work. Dog, as usual, came to meet him, but did not wait. The next day she again came to the station to wait for vozvraschaeniya his master, but he has not appeared again. But Hachiko still come to the station at 7:00 and waited for his master every day for the next 11 years, until his death.

Monument to the dogs thrown to the Pole of Cold

japo Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

Fourteenth day of January 2009, the year marked the 50th anniversary of the amazing rescue Taro and Jiro – two dogs have lived at the South Pole for a year.

Eleven years after Japan’s defeat in World War II to the South Pole was sent to the first Japanese scientific expedition. Together with the polar icebreaker Soya aboard 22 climbed breed husky sled dogs, including that there were two brothers – Taro and Jiro.

In January 1957, and eleven dogs wintering landed at the South Pole. Icebreaker set sail to the shores of Japan, leaving the equipment for research and snowmobiles.

A whole year of polar work, making many observations, and preparing a base for future expeditions. Taro and Jiro, along with other dogs went to the team, transporting equipment and people.

During the year, due to the disease killed several dogs, but were born in the summer of eight puppies. Members of the expedition were waiting to return home.
In December 1957, to the shores of the South Pole ice-breaker came with the second part of the expedition, but closer to the polar station, he could not because the ice was too thick. It was decided to drift awaiting suitable weather, meanwhile, carry on an airplane at first ice-breaker of the expedition and dogs.

A few flights were brought people, puppies and critical materials. But because of bad weather the plane was unable to do any more flight, and 15 dogs harnessed to a harness, remained on the base. The storm grew stronger, and was made the difficult decision to leave the dogs, who have worked side by side with polar explorers for a year, and return home to Japan.

At home on the expedition members struck an avalanche of criticism and accusations, because it was clear that there is no chance to survive in the dog remained. Across the country, began collecting money for the construction of the monument, which was established in 1958 in Chiba park.

14th January 1959 at the Antarctic station came third polar expedition. It included several people from the first. They could not believe my eyes when near the base saw two live dogs! They were brothers Taro and Jiro. Now it was the semi-wild animals, with dirty matted hair. Taro and Jiro have survived, learning to hunt penguins. Their relatives, frozen in harness, they are not touched.

Upon returning to Japan, Taro and Jiro greeted as heroes on their composed songs, wrote books, and established sites. For explanation of events for the film ‘Eight Below’.


Monument of the faithful dog of an ungrateful master Welsch

23 Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

In the XIII century. in England, in the county Welsch was a monument of his ungrateful master selfless dog. Irish Wolfhound Prince of Wales Levelina Gelert was killed by his master. Returning something to do with hunting, the Prince found Gelert bloodied and covered with blood muzzle. Deciding that the dog had killed his infant son, Prince killed the dog. However, it appeared that the child is unharmed, and Gellert killed a wolf attacked a toddler. Ashamed, Prince of Wales ordered the faithful dog memorial.

Monument to Faithful Fido

29 Monuments dogs faithful friends of man

Italian Carlo Syriana worker picked up as a puppy black and white suit. Grown up dog became a favorite of the whole family, and the host was accompanied by daily morning and evening, met at the bus stop. So-called him Fido, which means «faithful.» But one day after the bombing (December 30, 1943) for a long time friend of the bus was not there. Then came another, a stranger. And not all of the villagers returned to him. 14 years each evening came to a stop Fido and waited. On the loyalty and devotion to Fido has learned the whole of Italy. Write about it, not only the Italian newspapers, but newspapers and many other countries. In the fundraising people attended a variety of places in Italy. The monument was opened in December 1957 in Borgo San Lorenzo. At a celebration of the widow of Carlo Soriane brought faithful dog, who was awarded carved in his honor, a gold medal. Two years later, the dog was gone. But the monument was left with a short inscription on the pedestal: «Fido. A sample of devotion. »

Monuments to dogs


  •     In the village Bobino, which is located in the Kirov region, hoisted monument husky named Bobby, who in 1908 gave their lives to save a forester from the pack of hungry wolves. In memory of the heroism of his dog’s owner built a homemade pedestal and set him on a wooden hovel. Over time the feat has not been forgotten. A few years ago decided to put a monument Bobik local schoolchildren, who collected it on the money by donating trash and laboring during the holidays. He was made out of granite.


  •     The monument of outstanding investigative dog doira installed guards military part of the North-West Frontier District in 1971. Her abilities have been the subject of enthusiastic talk on the many outposts. It captures the traces of long hours old at a depth of 30 centimeters, and could go to him for prosecution. 12 doira served on the border, and only the last 3 years of her life she was not working. True, her sense of smell has always been excellent. At the request of border art students made a plaster bas-relief doira and factory master cast bronze bas-relief. It hangs in the building of a military unit. Under it reinforced molded plaque: «doira. 1955-1971 «.


  •     Not far from Novosibirsk, the station Inskaya, a monument to the search dogs Anteyu. He served as your guide in militant Ivan Litvinov Protection Ministry of Railways. 12 years of hard service dog carried the harassment, detention. More than once saved the life of the four-legged partner to the owner. Antaeus died of old age in the nursery. On the pedestal is written, that over the years, Anthea, from 1968 to 1980, with the help of more than 100 criminals arrested and solved 62 crimes.


  •     The following incident occurred at the polar station of the island Wiese. Meteorologist Nicholas Uglovsky going to go on the meteorological, to take scientific data. Picked up, as expected, shotgun in case of meeting a bear. He just opened the door, as on the verge of «face to face» in front of him was a huge white bear. At the same moment between man and beast rushed the dog. She boldly rushed at the bear, though decided in advance to perish in the unequal fight, but to divert the attention of the beast … And so it happened. While the bear was fighting with her, the man managed to use the weapon. But the dog was unable to save. Polar buried her on the island and in gratitude erected a monument to a brave dog.

Guide dog

It is difficult to blind walk the streets of the city. Pillars, steps, benches, trees, vehicles, all these faces new injury. Need a guide, it is mostly large breed dogs. In many countries, created schools for guide dogs. One of them exists in the suburbs. Her pupils facilitate blind fate, and help them join the labor and self-service. This dog should be able to warn the owner of the stairs, carefully cut around it around the counter obstacles to wait for passing traffic. Guide dogs live less than other dogs. Affects the constant mental stress. In Germany, in gratitude for making it easier for blind people in the Berlin zoo guide dog monument erected. (1980)

Brave dog

In Mongolia, for a long time near a road leading to the temple complex, on a high pedestal, sits a stone’s famous dog with a broken leg. This monument is put a brave dog who alerted his barking carefree protection of the approaching enemy. In so doing he saved the famous Buddhist temple in Mongolia from ruin.

One of the first

In ancient times the Greeks held the dogs in all their fortresses. Corinthian citadel was nurtured from the outside of the 50 dogs avnpostom, located by the sea shore. One night the enemy landed, but the dog blocked his path. Began a terrible battle. Poor animals, suppressed superior attackers fell all except one. Sauter, all bloodied and left the field of battle, rushed into the citadel, and raised the alarm. Sleeping men awoke and repulsed an enemy raid. The Senate decided to wear a collar with silver Soter inscription: «Soter-zaschititel and savior of Corinth.» In memory of Soter and forty-nine dogs died monument was erected in IV century BC.

For the salvation of the water

And how many drowning victims rescued dogs! For assistance in case of accidents on the water built monuments to dogs in the port city of Swansea (UK) and in Kuntsevo (Moscow).


FACTS. Brave and faithful dog

1) King Garamantes, taken away into captivity by the enemy, rescued and rushed home to two hundred of his dogs, who were able to pave the way through the enemy defenses

2) Liky, dog Jason, after the death of the owner stopped eating and died from exhaustion.

3) The dog jumped on the king Lismaha fire, wanting to be burned along with the ashes of the host

4) In 73 th year of the current chronology terrible eruption of Vesuvius destroyed before the foundation of two cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, burying them under a layer of ash. During the excavations at the site of one of them bpi skeletons lying on each other – children and dogs. In an effort to save his master yunoyu, she covered him with his body. A name of the dog collar found on surviving, on which was inscribed – Delta.

5) In the ancient world known to many monuments god Anubis, who was the embodiment of a dog. In the city of Corinth, in IV century BC the dog was a monument with the inscription defender and savior of Corinth. Ancient Greek dog named Soter (Soter) was one of 50 watchdogs of ancient Greece. According to legend, the only battle he survived and awoke the garrison, thus warning the enemy invasion. The dog was awarded a silver collar. Alexander of Macedon erected in honor of a temple of the dog.

6) Greyhound Peritas beloved dog of Alexander of Macedon. She accompanied the king in his military campaigns. Peritas was crushed elephant, who is attacked, defending his master. In her honor, Alexander founded the city of Perito.

7) On the various monuments of Ancient Egypt large working dogs are shown driving the wheel structures, pumping water.

icon cool Monuments dogs faithful friends of man The dog, King of Norway … Dog by the name of Saur (Saur), or Swing (Suening) actually stood at the head of the state in the 11th century BC within three years. Norwegian king, angry at his surroundings, gave up the throne and demanded that the court had a wife and favors the dog if he were a king.

9) The most famous dog of Holland is recognized Shepherd named Leo. It honestly worked at Amsterdam airport for 9 years. During this time, customs officers were arrested with the help of 300 people carrying drugs in umbels, briefcase, watch. From the baggage she has helped confiscate a total of three tons of hashish, marijuana ton, 28 kilograms of heroin and 18 kilograms of cocaine. Drugs given to pharmacists for processing in medicine. Revenue was many millions of dollars. And here is Leo Shepherd singled out state pension. She went to the well-deserved rest in the hotel for the elderly dogs. Earned the award!

10) Doberman Sauer was famous in South Africa after the thief was able to track by smell at a distance of 160 km.

11) The most famous guide dog in Britain is a black labrador retriever Sadie, which helps deprived of Interior Minister David Blunkett the United Kingdom. She is constantly accompanied by the Minister on the road, quietly sitting next to the podium during his public speeches and attend meetings of Parliament. Sadie barred in 2003 to replace its predecessor – also black Labrador Lucy, who previously lived side by side with David Blunkett over a decade.

12) Greyhound Saint Ginefort nearly become a saint. In the XIII century, she died to save the child from the snake. French – residents of the area where the event occurred, believed that this is a sign from above. The people came rumors of miraculous healings that took place on the grave of a dog. The church even discussed the possibility of the canonization of a greyhound, but a positive decision has not come.

13) The leader rides and pet dog G. Sedov Fram in this series. G. Sedov was trying to reach the North Pole, but did not survive the hardships of the way and died. He was buried on the island of Rudolph and there was Fram. In vain they called him and tried to catch, he ran off and returned to the tomb owner. So it there and left. And, as an eyewitness wrote, long mournful howl was heard Fram.

14) In Russia, a celebrity was a Doberman Clubs, rasskryvshy for his life of crime in 1500.

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