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How search affects our memory?

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Our brains process information was only half, because, thanks to the search, we know that now she is in one or two clicks away and always available. These findings from studies published journal Science.

If people had not so often relied on the search because have access to it was only possible with a computer, it is now available on the search of all possible mobile devices that a person is always at hand.



198 How search affects our memory?


Getting information through the search has become so easy and accessible that many do not even try to memorize information, relying only on the Internet.

And this trend seriously affects the way our brain stores information, said the author of several experiments in this field Betsy Sparrow (Betsy Sparrow). Sparrow came to the conclusion that instead of its own memory, we have to use search engines as the camera storage media.

Analyzing experiments Sparrow, editor of the journal Science Bohennon John (John Bohannon) writes that the theory researcher, people always give someone the work to memorize certain types of information. For example, husbands often rely on women to remember important family dates and holidays, and his wife are hoping that their husbands will remember the names of distant relatives. Sparrow wondered: did not I run the Internet this role for all of us, representing a huge database of information that people no longer keep in their short-term memory?

One of the experiments took place as follows. Sparrow gave a group of students of 40 different well-known facts, such as Ostrich eye that is bigger than its brain size. She then asked the students to print this information on computers. Half of the students, she said that typed in will be deleted, and the other half said that information should be saved on your computer.
And of course, that half of the students, which was going to save it, remember it is much worse than the group who knew in advance what information will be deleted.

In the second part of the experiment Sparrow also handed out a compilation of facts for students and explained that each of the facts must be placed in one of the six thematic folders.
The experiment showed that students are much better remembered, where it posted some of the facts than the facts themselves. That is, they just might answer the question, what folder is the assertion of an ostrich, but could not remember what it was about the fact that ostrich cited. The result of this experiment proves that people are much better to remember where to find information than this very information.

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