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How and where to make money or earn some money when you are older than 40 years?

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43802 1 sm1 How and where to make money or earn some money when you are older than 40 years?What should I do?

In fact, the age, «after forty» – this is a wonderful age.

Universities have long pozakoncheny, pimples, the nose peeled, koroediki with pens jumped, the experience of «the son of hard mistakes,» the size of a terabyte, but my soul sings and dances – live and be happy.

But no. I do not know the punishment for that, but the current Russian «old fart» supplement to the dancing soul often gets a splinter in the form of financial problems. Who themselves have not experienced – get out of order. And we’ll talk with the rest.

The question «Who is to blame?» Will not bother (because of the complete hopelessness), and go straight to the exciting discussion of the item «what to do.» You can, of course, wrap in a towel and humbly crawling toward the cemetery. But it certainly is not our method.

It seems to me there are several ways to use his powers. But each of them involves a focus on reliable and long term. So those who want to play in one-day type «MMM», and exit the system.

Also ask to leave the system and those who have a grudge against the proverb «do not easily vynesh and fish from the pond.» We will work hard. Up a sweat and selflessly. Nor will receive moral and material pleasure.

Hopefully, our ranks have thinned not fatal. And someone did read this article until the end, and therefore not lose my sad work …

How to survive on a pension? Options.

So, I offer you the options of self-employment «old fart» in order to extract additional financial benefits:

  1.     The simple and traditional: get a janitor, cloakroom, polomoykoy, guard, etc. Pros: always have vacancies, you can pick a convenient schedule, head to think and do not have to because it does not hurt. Cons: Salary abusive, self-esteem through the floor, aching arms, legs and butt, want to eat, and eat no matter what. And boring, and sad, and no one’s hand … file (s)
  2.     Use of existing chattels, real estate and other property kurkulskoy. That is, grow and sell a carrot. Renovate an apartment of relatives and submit. Pull down over one’s eyes on cars, «shashechki» and are taking. Plus an array: the freedom of customer choice, the freedom of graphics work and leisure, as well as other citizens guaranteed freedom. Cons: Still skushnovato in my opinion … (even though, as anyone)
  3.     Make a hobby a source of income. This is a beautiful view of earnings. Create and sell! And then all the proceeds to buy brushes, paint and re-create! Oh, sorry, you’re not Aivazovsky and your brand is not promoted. But the soul sings incessantly! (But still want to eat)
  4.     Using existing resources of individual professional: knowledge and skills. That is, a retired teacher earn tutoring, accountants, retired on buhgalterstve, ex-commanders of the submarines komandirstve etc. It’s simple, anyone should, that the mere thought of this. Pros and cons are clear. It is unclear just what do those who are not an accountant and not a commander of a submarine? And, for example, a ballerina, or (horrors!) Marketing? For these unfortunate, to which I belong, and there is a nano-technology Nuno: make computer and Internet tools earnings. And, almost without looking up from his favorite band VKontakte, because it is used as a communication tool. Thus, there is another category of self-employment:
  5.     Work on the Internet. Namely:

5.1. Freelance

5.2. Copywriting

5.3. Earnings on its website (web-mastering, blogging, optimization, seo, smo, etc.)


How to start making money online?


The word «freelance», «Writing», «smo» and «seo» – wildly scary, I agree. I’ll tell you in confidence that a further 10 days ago, I had these words of the same attitude as to Chapaev Martian Chronicles. In general, a teapot-teapot. But something unexpected happened: a son’s birthday gave me a bouquet of flowers … and a couple of domain names with hosting. And while pointedly said those same words here: freelance, copywriting, web mastering, seo … I am so as not to seem to him the ultimate fool pointedly shook his head, she said something like, «Oh, yes … as well as the same … «and immediately fled torture Google. It turned out that all is not so scary. It went. After a couple of days I was ready concept of the site. And then began sculpting. It was very interesting and at the same time creepy. Had to work hard. All of the principle of doing itself. Even the header I made myself, because I did not find the options that would satisfy the standard templates. Although never before worked with image processing programs. And learned without any outside help to put a variety of plug-ins (it turned out that this is a small tool, master site). I even figured out a bit in CSS-codes, and where and how they govern … The result you see. But be aware that this is not a final version is still «fish». So for me the most fascinating yet to come!

And as the memories of this intriguing process has not yet disappeared from my head sharply wiser, I will describe in detail the steps and what I was doing it in the last 10 days.

I hope this will help you to discover new faces unprecedented for its unique personality.

What’s next?

The first and most important step is this: it is imperative to first think about how to develop a concept for your site, how to define goals and objectives, how to choose a domain name and hosting, and then buy them.

In the meantime you can read new articles on the theme «How can you earn?»:

  •  Etc. (written)

By the way, there is also a proven way to earn money online, how to advertise.

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