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Citizen Poet – Seligerische.Stihi D. Bykov reads M. Efremov (video version)

Опубликовано Июл 10, 2011 в And the sad, and funny, Citizen Poet | 1 коммент.


In the latest edition of «Citizen of the poet» – Korneyi Chukovsky.

How it would sound all known since childhood fairy tale «Crocodile» today

- In connection with the court’s decision on the claim of Vasily Yakemenko to Oleg Kashin?

Once upon a crocodile,
Gopotoy directed,
With activists from fornication
The Russians said:
- Bring me your detushek!
I will make of them crocodiles!
Them, reptiles, and everywhere now idyll
In Seliger was the farm of crocodiles,
Manage them right dwarfs,
Tempt Graduate School of Economics,
Allowed, especially as trusted,
Wipe only Pelevin,
And for the cynic,
Added to the dessert
Two dates,
Whoever the enemy the most rude,
The leader of the crocodiles in the kisser navel
And the Supreme marmot -
The most frightening creature -
They are calling our respect!
And who will say something bold
About their rite Seligersky -
So sue with our accounts,
And they throw out the window Kakashi.
From the «MC» to Andrei Vasilyev -
Everyone got shit crocodile!
But there was a loud whistle.
Burst Kashin-journalist.
«Go away, reptile! Do not you dare
Maim small children!
Afraid green snake,
Obama at the sight of Bin Laden.
Shouted nasty monster
On their offspring Seligersky:
- Let it be this Kashin
Severely izukrashen,
Because he is an enemy of reptiles!
And they slew the brave Kashin
His face was raskvasheno,
Even the principal said:
- This is a complete scandal!
So it is impossible to deal with journalists!
On the law of the Rada,
We’ll catch the villain,
Scold and spank him.
Cried crocodile:
- I did not go there!
I’m one hundred percent alibi!
I have a document
That at this point
I chewed completely Kashin!
Confirm friends:
If I ate it,
He has never had not pulled myself together!
… The building dead-pink
Pathetic court held.
Kashin judged with Morozov.
They blamed a crocodile.
But shook ether
And the funky world of
Shocked by an unprecedented sensation!
Message are,
What court in Khamovniki
Rejects the claim to Kashin.
Lost crocodile
Journalist wins,
And the judge decides
That have teeth
Can only bear
And to entice children – respectively.
Glad, happy kids,
All dance until the morning:
Jackals toast,
Rams knock on the drums
Cobra giggles goodness,
Cheesy bug sings «Gop-Stop»
Merry worm dance the twist,
Scorpions, sharks, tarantulas
Also shine with their talents,
A bear-joker
Fly into a rage so
That «Parnassus» swallowed do not frown.

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    Hey, good to find someone who ageers with me. GMTA.

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