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45858189 1193649523 1193628529 zolan 007 300x300 Chernushka

It seemed that all the pipes burst at once heavenly and the Office of the City N. choking in rain water, blowing bubbles endless. Multi-colored crayons from children’s pools looked ridiculous slur. The street was awash with black umbrellas, to move quickly and hurrying off somewhere where he could not get the devil’s rain. Leaden sky was swollen, like flakes in milk, and, leaning on the tree tops and roofs of buildings, continued to pour cold drizzle of passers-by.

Brown cardboard box side softened and light revealed an empty inside, carpeted newspaper. Two amber eyes in astonishment beheld emptiness. Little nose in the frame dragged scanty scape umyvshihsya smell of the streets. Rare drops fell on a box with a dull tap-tap in unison heart a little black kitten, yutivshegosya here. Crossed with feet on foot, he got on the islet of dry newspaper and put his arm around a ponytail.

Because of prejudice or indifference Chernushka waited in rain unreliable walls carton and dream, closed his amber eyes sad. In his imagination he was at night and covered with black shroud rainy city of indifferent passers-by. People fled as fast as they allow two feet. They wanted to hide in their warm apartment, forgetting about the little fluffy clumps, which will not be tomorrow.

A bright light burst into the consciousness and he ruffled Chernushki looked around around, arching her back and lifted his tail like a small panicles. The little girl in a red dress with white collar looked at him, not hiding a smile. With her hair, the color of caramel, droplets dripping water, she gently said something, and he led Chernushka eye. She calls him?

In the next instant the kitten felt the warmth of a good heart, and softly sang for joy. Encouraging pats filled him with hope that tomorrow will come. The girl gently pressed the precious burden to his chest, waving a small rainbow umbrella. Even then, she drew attention to the white tie a kitten, which on closer inspection looked like a tiny heart.

- I will tell you the moon … – the girl whispered in your ear kitten – because part of it is always hidden from human eyes.

Motley umbrella, rocking, disappeared around the corner, ready to rain that came down from heaven, more than ever.

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