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Ball [Philosophical essays]

Опубликовано Июл 16, 2011 в Stories and Tales | Нет комментариев


red shar 174x3001 Ball [Philosophical essays]

Like heat and the sunlight in a puddle under the balcony, fresh laundered sheets and airplanes at a maple slate roof terraces. I want to blow bubbles in a plastic cup with the disassembled pen and secretly added shampoo. In each area, millions of rainbows and maybe a small world evergreen knees …

I found the answer to the question «Where does childhood?»

Inside the bubble, where hundreds crossed the rainbow, and so dazzling summer sun shines vacations, living his childhood. The second hypothesis – it does not go away, it is hidden inside us, deep down, a small edge of the swing, with several multi-colored bits of glass in his pocket. Childhood often raises its head and begins to play pranks, a smile appears by itself in the form of a balloon, fireworks or the rainbow … What is a rainbow? Smile sad optimist? A salute? Trying to tame a rainbow of people and call it as you desire?

Red ball of thread tied to a small wrist in a beautiful bow. Fingers stuck together from sweet cotton wool what to do, just help her mother’s shawl was rejected? Naughty bangs gets into the eyes. Again, whose fault is it? … Red dress with white collar, long hair the color of caramel, which curl at the ends. This is a lovely little princess shoes, fragile and delicate, in whose eyes, no, no, and a couple of imps proskachut.

The girl loved to watch the fire, and was delighted with the rising fountains of sparks, it is not afraid of smoke and loved to eat toasted bread, which, by their appearance, not much different from coal. The girl in red dress decorously goes by the handle with his mother, in another – a gold ribbon to a red ball, which is so and tries to fly away. They are connected – the ball to the girl, the girl with the ball.

It seems that they are friends, yes, yes, yes, nods the ball back. She cares about him, obscured by opposing people, slamming a door bus, too much wind. But it can not save from itself. For a couple of steps from the house, mom and daughter stop at a stall and the girl gets to your favorite chewing gum.

Inspired by looking at a colored liner and small text labels, they will not notice, like a bow on her wrist is getting weaker, the two semi-circles of infinity dissolved in one line. When to gold ribbons can still reach an adult, she is silent, spellbound beauty of free flight.
A girl raises her head and puts his palm on the hood of the sun glare. Red, a welcome and a brilliant, being tied to the arm, the ball is completely different and she sees the emptiness inside him. She was sad with a teaspoon and lightly pricks at the corners of his eyes. Mom, drawing attention to the silent daughter notices and hovering over the roofs of red ball, and rushed to buy second chewing gum and smiling, held out little girl, all kind words – nothing, not because of what upset. By adopting a treat, the girl says nothing about what she is sad not being separated, but from the fact that the ball inside the emptiness …


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