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And still they come! (incredible stories about cats)

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%D0%9C%D0%B0%D0%BC%D0%BE%D1%87%D0%BA%D0%B0 300x201 And still they come! (incredible stories about cats)Scratching, clawing at the door. Scratching, scratching … Meow! Let go … It’s me … I’m back …

Probably each of us heard in my life stories about cats, and cats poteryashkah returnees. The same ones that overcome unimaginable distances to return home. To where they once loved and petted … and even where they did not like never before. But still – this is home. Where are all native. Native walls, native people. So how it is that the cats are away from their own corner, or from their masters? And yet … how can they still come back?

Here are a few known facts.

  • Cat Hope, who lives in the American city of Cincinnati, was gone from the house of his mistress. The circumstances of disappearance are still unknown. But we know that the owner concerned about her disappearance, hired a private detective to find that her darling. The search for animal lasted almost two months until Hope she has not returned to the house and did not get laid by a trap next to it. Wandering cat ended happily for her, and for its owner. Possibly survive such a long journey Murka helped name (hope the translation from English – hope), but most likely saved her otherwise – irresistible desire to return home. Yes, the situation is unique in the fact that the little traveler was only three feet.


  • Another almost Triple pad pussy (from Sugar was born deformed thigh), on the contrary did not want to remain in its accustomed place, when her owners moved from one state to another. They decided that they would pitomitse not afford a trip to transfer more than two thousand kilometers away and left her neighbors. Sugar broke apart, and waited for the hosts back for two weeks, went to search for them. To get from California to Oklahoma to cat took a year and two months …


  • But it happens and so that the attachment to the mother house is for pussies stronger than attachment to the native people. In Yakutia, Kuzma cat in order to return from a new urban apartment, where its owners have moved home, wander through the taiga in 2150 miles. He returned to the old country house, where he soon found the neighbors. The cat was very thin and quite wild, but refused to leave their former home.


  • Cat Mania from the Chelyabinsk not been home for ten months. The hosts were convinced that it is no longer alive. But Manya returned … the wreckage of the old house. The fact that the family, which she belonged, moved to another location, and the house that was on the verge of collapse, was demolished. The cat, which had lost during his wanderings front teeth, emaciated and peeling at first lived in the ruins, then moved to the entrance of the house, who was standing nearby. Miraculously, there neighbors learned in Manya it – and returned to their owners.


  • Muscovite Murka returned from the city of Rossosh, slightly south of Voronezh, in his first masters in Moscow a year later, having a total of more than six hundred miles.

The ability of cats to find their way home or to their owners for a long time interest of humanity. There have been many scientific studies to find out how they do it. Perhaps the first one from a scientific point of view of interest in this matter, was a zoologist FG Frick. It happened in the early 20s, when he personally experienced a similar phenomenon. His cat ran out of the bag when they were about five miles from home. Pitomitsa returned home that evening. Zoologist was intrigued. In his mind matured a plan of a scientific experiment. He began to remove the cat at different places within a half to five miles. True Murka invariably find their way home. After Fricka similar studies were conducted by many scientists, sometimes hitting their inhumanity. So U.S. researchers before to take away the cats out of the house, pumped unfortunate animals drugs to those in any way not remember the way home. Unbelievable, but cats are always returned back …

DSC 8936 300x288 And still they come! (incredible stories about cats)
The exact answer of how these animals seek out a way back or their owners have moved to a new place, to date not found. One of the most probable hypothesis is the sensitivity of cats to changes in the magnetic field. The composition of the animal tissues contain a large amount of iron in the body that forms a kind of internal compass. To prove this hypothesis, an experiment was conducted – to the bodies of cats tied up a large force of magnets. In this case, the animals began to wander and stray from the true path. However, it is a reliable, universally accepted answer to this question has not been given. As a cat finds his house or the owners still remains a mystery. And maybe the answer is simple: just cats know how to love and be faithful to what (or whom) is tied once and for all.
( cats-exotic.ru)

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