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Wandering knight paper

Опубликовано Июл 15, 2011 в Записки | Нет комментариев


dark knight 160x300 Wandering knight paperBlack letters ants spreading across the page. The light came through the crown of the tree and jump over the lines, making it difficult to concentrate. The plot did not differ neither new nor decrepitude, it was a story of life. The son of a pretty ballerina and The Steadfast Tin Soldier stared on a sunny day, gently touching the faded letters with his fingertips. No, they are not bound consanguinity. A hand carved him a Knight of the paper, sprinkled it with silver foil armor and blessed on the journey. Leaning against a tree a sword hilt Paper Knight scattered flock of sun glare.

Our hero was a few days. Smorenny midday sun, he dove into the shadow of a spreading tree, where we first noticed it. In the life of a knight Paper, there were several values ​​- the dog-eared book, which he knew by heart, the sword on the hilt of which were intricately engraved the words – let the lions become lambs. And now he was thinking about the people who met him. For himself, he has developed a whole theory. According to her, people with heavenly eyes guarding the peace and quiet, green-eyed in love with the sea and green oak, brown-eyed wanderers certainly loved to travel, and were crazy about coffee.
Knight also wandered in search of the mysterious castle guarded by the wise dragon. He had heard that for a single door with a golden pen kept happy, the holy spear-love, which can kill the cold loneliness. He felt every inch of your body that something is changing subtly. In his paper heart was beating real heart. As the fire Paper afraid of rain, like rain, he was afraid of fire. And who came up with only paper to make a knight? How ironic …

Brushing ladybug with a shoulder Paper hit the road. Almost in desperation, he said the Dragon. Graceful in its splendor, wise eyes, sharp claws of a comma, dragon sitting motionless in a wooden shutter. Silver Armor Knight looked very modest in comparison with a gold pen on a single leaf door to happiness.

Smer traveler eyes, bared his teeth in a friendly dragon smile. How could he have known that from the mouth ostrozubaya had little to do with the concept of nice smile? Knight tightened in the hands of the faithful sword.

-We have, in some degree relatives – a frightening voice sounded cardboard Dragon – I pylyus on the table for a decade, from the very moment when our God was ten. You think you know life, my paper one? Your sun – just a desk lamp, sky – blue wallpaper, spreading tree – another souvenir, the table – your limited square world. I know that hidden behind this flap …

The clock struck twelve times all, musically and accurately. Time insensitive and capricious. When reluctantly drags himself, his feet barely arrow when rushing at breakneck speed, exposing the hours like minutes. The man, stretching and yawning, sat in a chair and stroked the back of a dragon and a wavy, astonished, said Knight Paper.

-How did he get here? – The man muttered under his breath – I can not remember the last time I saw these silver armor …

Leaving the unsuccessful attempts to bring order to this creative chaos, author opened the locker with a blank sheet of paper, took a few and put them in front of him. Biting the tip of a pencil with a shish kebab skewer as he smiled to himself and went to work. Sharp-Edged pencil never looked like a magic wand, it is now. Line shape in the pale, pretty young lady with deep eyes. But that’s another story …

Story courtesy of the site  <a title=»" href=»http://p0stal.tomfly.ru» rel=»nofollow» target=»_self»>Биг Бабло Библия (сс)

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