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graduationdo accountant apprentice.The youngest sister, still attending mbt schuhe auslaufmodelle
school.The total income of the family now that they previously unthinkable figure, excluding Wang Fugui of Xinxiang.Although prices in Taizhou in the past few years has been rising year by year, but there Yonghe charge, the annual increase is not large.Therefore, it can be said Wang life now better than before hundreds of thousands of times.Other Guard members with the royal family about the situation, that is, few people question of people, their immediate family members can live as long, firm will arrange a child.Its purpose is to allow players of the home guard assured loyalty to the mbt schuhe günstig
firm.Something happens when the thought of what protection of the interests of firms, which is to protect the interests of their families.Therefore, the security team members from the beginning to the present, regardless of training hard again, no one back.When the war experience, even fear, it is still no one back.Because this is not something a person of their own, but also related to their loved ones.In fact, in the battle when the players more of a security guard thought the daily inculcation of her family: a firm, Zhao has given us a new life, gave us a good day, this is big life to repay the kindness deserve!Guard set up for so long, but also is artillery guns, even a simple man again now that the guards will not only do housekeeping nursing homes do, on the battlefield and their families, they do a good job alreadypreparation.The firm gave them new life, even his life to repay, these simple people also do not think is a very difficult decision to do.This and other places people really did choose to live a completely different from the Army, they have to protect things that are striving for, therefore, can also play a completely different fighting ability.In fact, this isalso the Ming government troops fighting force more and more important reason for the poor: when the soldiers were men all day just thinking about how to eat, how to live, and that the army’s combat force also conceivable that the.Battle to fight the wind when you can grab it a thought, but also «courage»; Once the war flow, and want them to desperate fight, unless they do not see way out of time.(New book, find the collection we recommend support! Thank you!) U worry about the book Meng UUtxT.Com all the more slips board pattern word into the sea dragon second volume of fifty-six chapters army people (in) Words: 3534 provides the most security team began relative priority established by Zhao Jia Ding introduced when the military, but then neitherthe formation of provisions, no specific performance standards, but Zhao Yongtai to gather some of the measures to come up morale.Later, with the firms and the expansion of security forces, these measures was followed culture section, and regularization, in detail, and finally evolved into a strong backing for one of the guards.In addition to the team in service, the death, disability, retirement and down three generations of immediate family members who also belong to

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