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Who and how much increased pension April 1, 2011?

Опубликовано Июл 12, 2011 в Blog-English

 Increases in pensions April 1, 2011..

   On 10.27% increase  social pension. .

That is, if your used to the social pension was 4728 rubles. (this is the average social pension in Russia), but now it will increase to 486 rubles. and amount to 5214 rubles.

I recall that the social pension has nothing to do with the labor pension. As has already been written, April 1 Trudovyh pension increase is not affected.

What is a social benefit?

* Social pension — a pension is established for the disabled and elderly citizens who, for whatever reason have not earned retirement pension. Reasons for the establishment of social pensions are different — it’s disability (I, II, III group), the onset of disability in childhood, reaching the appropriate age 65 for men and 60 for women, the death of one or both parents of a child under the age of 18 years.

Once again, that retirees who receive a social pension, now do not count on the fact that their pension will increase again on July 1. April Fool’s increasing social pensions combined with the alleged July indexing.

Who else April 1, 2011 to increase pensions.

Also increase April 1, 2011 will affect retirees who receive disability pension or military survivor families of military personnel.

* Though it touches, and only those soldiers who received military service by conscription.

Increased pension if retired military?

No information on improving military pensions, I do not find it. So, it did not happen.

Overall summary table showing the increase of pensions April 1, 2011:

Walk, Dear seniors, and nothing does not deny! Live again, it became much better and as much as 486 rubles per month more fun!

And soon will be, and quite fun! Preparing a new law on social security, and commercialization of social services for senior citizens!

(Be sure to read this stuff. It is written about some of the nuances of the new bill, particularly the high-profile project, the resettlement of pensioners in the «company towns of death» and weaning their apartments and land plots)

(PS I wonder with what for the average civil servant at the mercy of those associated 486 rubles? The one cup of coffee with a minimum disposable tip attendant or a substantial improvement in living standards of pensioners?)

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