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What is SEO, SUO, SMO? Something about search engine optimization.

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I remember that even very long ago  I promised to write about what is meant mysterious bukovki SEO, SUO and SMO. We assume that the hour of reckoning for the debts. In addition, the intervening period was spent not in vain, and now I’m ready to announce something sacred about these concepts, the most important for any Site owners, bloggers and even more so for the novice saytostroitelya.


1. A bit of basic terminology .

Optimization — (Latin optimus — the best), this choice of the best (optimal) version of many possible. Optimizing your website can get from the site the maximum effect.

Optimizing your website is one of the most important problems to be solved during the operation site. Site optimization problem: to improve search engine rankings and increase conversion of visitors.

Conversion — the process of making site visitors into buyers. Increase conversion makes your website work with maximum efficiency.

Site optimization can be divided into three subspecies:

— Optimization for search engines (Search Engine Optimization — SEO)

— Optimization of the site for visitors (Site Usability Optimization — SUO)

— Optimization of a social community, forums, blogs, social networks (Social Media Optimization — SMO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) — a package of measures to raise the site positions in search engines result in certain users’ queries. Usually, the higher the position of a site in search results, the more interested visitors passes at him from the search engines.

  • Search engine optimization   — a package of measures to raise the site positions in search engines result in certain users’ queries. Usually, the higher the position of a site in search results, the more interested visitors passes at him from the search engines.
  • Proper preparation of a list of key words, phrases and requests for a site (semantic kernel) out of words and phrases search engines will find your site: the more correct and precise semantic core is made, the more users come to the site.Calculating the required number of occurrences of keyword phrases.

    Drafting of texts for a site with the inclusion in them of the necessary and sufficient number of key phrases.

    Proper distribution of the internal reference database.

    Optimized coding site.

    Organization of the correct site structure (software architecture).

    Correct delivery service headers for search engine robots.

  • Optimized for visitors (SUO)— a set of measures for visitors, for their convenience and comfortable stay on the site. On how your site will trust, will have a convenient and easy to navigate, depends on how the visitor of your site will have a desire to become your customer.Correct display the site in different browsers.Ease of use site navigation.

    Proper construction of interactive elements of the site.

    Plan routes visitors through the site.

    Presentation of information «to the place.»

    Timely updating of the site materials.


  • Optimizing for Social Media (SMO) — the same in essence as the search engine optimization (SEO), but is not for search engines and social networking and blogging to bring out an additional stream of visitors to your site or create a community interests within a social resource, which, in turn, again, attracts visitors and promotes the dissemination of information about your Internet site on a «word of mouth.»

Writing readable and beautifully illustrated content.

Establishment of a captive audience of the project: communication with the commentators, the publication of the texts that involve the discussion in the comments.

Elimination of unnecessary interface elements by: unnecessary links, seldom-used blocks.

Set on the most visible places the site of mineral elements: subscription RSS, block the most popular articles, etc.

Parallel presentation of information — next to the main block of text is an additional block with announcements of articles, links to recommended articles and others. If the main content is not aroused the interest of the reader goes on advertised article.

2. What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is needed to increase efficiency by:

visitors it is clear and easy to work with the site, increasing the number of orders and purchases from the site (an increase visitor conversion — the buyer);

search engines are more receptive to information from the site and more often to index the site.

3.3. What you get as a result of optimization?

raise the position of the site in Yandex, Rambler, Google;

raise awareness Web resource;

increase the traffic to the site;

increase the number of customers the company provides a return of visitors, increase conversion, increase sales, increase customer satisfaction, offload personnel, PR and so-so-so …

P.S. It seems simple, but it’s such simple wisdom lead us sinners for financial independence from the state to prosperity, to a quiet house with a swimming pool, garden with even the coconut trees … icon wink to work in Internet marketing is not only exciting but also quite profitable even (look at the topic of freelancing). I’ll tell you in confidence that has already be afoot for me an interesting work in this direction.

In the meantime, it is clear that due to all the above, the optimization on this blog — no end. Therefore be given as soon as days are quieter, immediately undertake to bring it into order. Everyone who sees clear shoals, please unsubscribe will be very grateful for the constructive criticism.

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