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What did President Medvedev on increasing pensions and salaries in 2012?

Опубликовано Окт 14, 2011 в Blog-English

September 15, 2011 were published by the major promises of duty in 2012.

In particular, it shows the dimensions of the planned increase in pensions in 2012: 9.6%.

But let’s remember that it was preceded.

In June this year, ie just three months earlier, while still President Medvedev said that:

         Over the next year the average pension will increase by more than 11 percent of social benefits — at 6 percent;
         At the same time will reform pension schemes for military personnel and military organization, which resulted in the size of their pensions will increase significantly (from here clarifications he refrained.)

Thus, Medvedev «is more than 11 percent» in just three months turned into a «9.6%».

Question: Who is lying?

They’re beautiful in its far even remember what was promised three months ago?

And can be thrown off the entire country to tutor in math? Maybe our president yet (but supposedly Prime Minister) and Minister Golikova sincerely believe that 9.6 is greater than 11?

So he gave big promises there yet?

Not later than 2012 must be fully solved the problem of housing Veterans of World War II  in accordance with the commitments that were taken

Mammamiya! Karramba!

They are already 12 years promise to every year no later than the current year to provide housing for poor veterans of World War II! But it seems to be hoping that their promise be fulfilled, so to speak, naturally — that’s just to spite them as veterans have got stubborn and too long to live … Therefore, every year has to lie and do not blush.

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