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This year the world population will be 7 billion people

Опубликовано Авг 3, 2011 в Blog-English

This year the world population will be 7 billion people

We became six billion in 1999.

If you believe the forecasts, by mid-century, humanity will increase by 2.3 billion (as many people lived on Earth as recently as 1950). By 2100 th we will have 10.1 billion
Humanity is waiting for an unprecedented global demographic revolution, says David Bloom, Professor of Economics and Demography at the Harvard School of Public Health, the journal Science.

97% of the 2.3 billion predicted offspring will be in less developed regions, nearly half (49%) — in Africa. In this population of more developed countries will remain «in his», but will age, that is, fewer and fewer men and women of working age will be able to provide retirees. In other words, says Mr. Bloom, the demographic problem will affect the whole world, not limiting poor countries, as some believe.

Mr. Bloom points out that the demographic estimate — something very vague. Depending on whether the further decrease the number of children per woman, the forecasts for 2050 range from 8.1 to 10.6 billion, and a 2100 second — from 6.2 to 15.8 billion

One thing is clear — this is the shift of the «demographic center of gravity» in the less developed regions. Many developing countries (already encumbered) is likely to face enormous challenges in food: they will pursue the problem with the water, shelter and energy. This seriously affect the health, safety and economic development.

It should be as soon as possible to address many challenges: hundreds of millions of women should learn about contraception is needed pension reform, the development of global immigration policy. No one is doing it the way they should. «It is simply irresponsible — to sit back in a time when humanity is waiting for large-scale demographic changes» — sums up the scientist.

During bólshey of human history mankind has grown slowly. The first billion was reached only in 1800. However, in the last half century the population increased from 3 to 7 billion people. In 2011, approximately 135 million are born and die 57 million: a net gain of 78 million people.

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