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The study «CMS for SEO»

Опубликовано Авг 12, 2011 в Blog-English

In July, the project «TopEkspert.RF» together with CMS Magazine has launched a large-scale study «CMS for SEO». The study will be conducted within two months, the results will be announce in September.

The purpose of this study — to find out which of the CMS on the market the most adapted for quality optimization.

«CMS for SEO» — the first of its kind, which is purely practical. All results will be recommended for use by system developers and webmasters.

In the advisory council includes representatives of leading Russian companies seo-: Ingate, Trinet, PerfectSEO, Trilan, Miralab, AltWeb, Web Advance, optimism, and many others.

Survey Methodology
In the first phase will be drawn up a list of basic seo-modules of different CMS, as well as mistakes made by webmasters using the site.
Then all the factors are estimated by industry experts on priority.
CMS further analyzed for the presence of such functionality.
The study will be made CMS rating, indicating the estimated factors and statistical data.

Research Objectives
1. Identify and describe any SEO-ins need to CMS;
2. Analyze and describe in detail the features of each SEO-CMS;
3. Write the specification for the development of each of the proposed SEO-ins.

The value of research
— Collecting the experience of leading experts, coverage of developments in open access key industry professionals;
— To inform developers about the needs of SEO CMS;
— CMS rankings in terms of SEO;
— Preparation checklist for the mistakes made when developing websites.

Commentary project manager «TopEkspert.RF» Leonid Grokhovsky:

«Today there is no answer to the question» what CMS is best suited for SEO »- none to a reasonable degree does not meet the needs of the optimizers. Even worse situation is with the development of sites: for my practice there was only one case in which the studio managed to create a site suitable for promotion.

We have selected leading industry experts, managers and skilled professionals, drawing on their experience, we define a common view and give it to the open access so that everyone can use this information in their work. «

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