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The rally-rally in the city of Tomsk (Russia, Siberia) for fair elections. December 10, 2011. United Russia party — we did not vote for you!

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Went to Tomsk (Siberia) to rally against the fraudulent elections.

Collected by all the rules: Simka inserted in the oldest phone, rewrote most emergency numbers on a piece of paper, made a photocopy of your passport, exchanging money for small, loaded water, chocolate, warm and wore old clothes, shod boots without laces.

She came back to start the rally.

The rally was gorgeous. Such Tomsk did not know. Novosobornaya area from the road to the monument to St.. Tatiana is filled with jam, and filled the outlet mall. Passing on Lenin Avenue car honking loudly in support, some of the cars, passing throw flags. People chanted «Russia without Putin!», «Fair elections», «Give us elections», «Putin — a thief!»

Posters appropriate. Some openly perenabolevshie. For example, «Putler-kaput», «United Russia — the executioners.»

By my conservative estimates of participants was — 3000, no less.

In fact, I think, not less than 6 thousand people there. Because even when I left an hour later, people still poured back jamb.

Cops were not enough. We stood around the perimeter of small groups and smiling. Quite a friendly smile. And it is not going to stop the protesters. Campaign, they also go to the side of the Damned liberastov)))

At the stop «Museum», located in 150-200 meters from the rally, the air shook with the thunder of clear «Russia without Putin», came from Novosobornaya area. Incidentally, the former Revolution Square.


Or other people in Tomsk, and in fact there was a crisis. But what struck me most, because it’s an incredible amount of open smiling faces.

Boys and mature men just smiled.

Many girls and older girls were with white chrysanthemums in their hands.

And this became even more beautiful.

And they all shouted in unison, «Russia without Putin!»

And even happier smile.

As if before dawn dawning after the long polar winter …

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