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Subdomains won the battle with Google Panda

Опубликовано Июл 16, 2011 в Blog-English

Transfer of low-quality content on a subdomain helps to get out of the filter Google Panda. This observation is described in the article Wall Street Journal, which tells how a famous site Hubpages, followed the advice of Matt Cutts, was able to pull some content from the filter Panda.

Matt Cutts in June gave advice to the head of HubPages, a five-year resource, publishing the content of hundreds of thousands of authors, Paul Edmondson (Paul Edmondson) — try to use subdomains to get the content on dopandovskie position.

Testing subdomain for your own articles on HubPages Edmondson began in late June and has already shown a positive effect. Articles Edmondson after updates Panda lost about 50% of the traffic and transport of this content on a separate subdomain, the first three weeks of the experiment, helped to restore traffic.
It is known that the filter is applied to the whole Panda on the entire domain of existence in it of even low-quality content. Google advised completely remove such content.

However, in the case of articles the publication manager to call them substandard is difficult, so Matt Cutts offered to provide for their own domain, in this case Google, as it turned out, takes a subdomain and main domain as separate sites.

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