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Russian student from the city of Tyumen has found 36 bugs in Chrome and have earned almost 50 000 USD

Опубликовано Июл 12, 2011 в Blog-English

According to statistics published on the release of a stable release of Google Chrome 12, Glazunov, Sergei managed to earn $ 48,452, and open the 36 errors in the browser. In addition, Google said in part of Sergei found several vulnerabilities in the browser on a non-monetary basis.

As it turned out in the writing of this material, in addition to involvement in the testing browser Chromium, record-breaking tester features a large worldly humility: for well-known CNews his current contacts to liaise with the Glazunov did not happen. Find Sergei’s social networks also did not give positive results. In the Google office told CNews, that his staff also failed to communicate with Serge Glazunov.
«Hall of Fame» Google Sergei Glazunov five top lines, as well as a few dozen lines below.

Nevertheless edition CNews managed to establish the reality of Glazunov. In teaching methods of Tyumen State University publication confirmed that the student really learns Sergei Glazunov at the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science TSU specialty «Computer security.»

According to the records in the «Hall of Fame» Google, the time of release 12 version of Chrome browser in addition to testing Glazunov attended another 41 enthusiast. Total amount paid in the history of their involvement in the testing of Google Chromium, amounted to $ 166,974.4.

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