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Russian pensioners are moving to live in China

Опубликовано Июл 12, 2011 в Blog-English

China to pay attention to people approaching retirement age and pension * with the Far East. According to various estimates, from 30 to 40 thousand Russians have already bought a flat in the country …

The fact that the cost of housing in Northern China is 2-3 times cheaper than, for example, in Vladivostok. In the border cities of China to buy a decent flat area about 50 square meters. m can be 20-30 thousand dollars. In Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, or for the money does not buy even a room in a communal apartment.

Democratic, that is, not the oldest and the worst housing in Hunchun (similar to all the familiar Khrushchev) actually buy for 80 thousand rubles in terms of our money, the first and last floors are 10-15% cheaper. Cost of housing does not exceed 1,500 yuan, or about 7,000 rubles a year.

«People with military pensions, which many in Vladivostok, buy housing is not in his native city, and in the Heihe or Hunchun. They live comfortably, and dilapidated apartment in his hometown of rent or the children leave, if there is additional income, «- says Alex S. from Vladivostok.

… By the way, the Russian are going to China not only for goods but also to work. Russian IT-specialists, engineers, scientists and educators estate in high demand in China. Given that the advanced science and production is now concentrated in China, work for skilled workers very much. Wages is comparable with the average U.S. salary, subject of English and a little Chinese. Thus, in China go to work the best local specialists and the best minds. In Russia, the Chinese are going to their country is not necessary because unskilled jobs for which there is simply no. Typically, people come to us without education, and specialty retailers, builders, excavators and pseudo-experts on the cultivation of agricultural chemicals. To these people do the dirty work in China is not a billionth, but in the 140 millionth of Russia — is full of opportunities to «rise» with no diploma and no knowledge of the language.

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