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Treatment of Parkinson’s disease using skin cells — the new study researchers from Italy and Russia

Опубликовано Июл 16, 2011 в Blog-English

Dopamine neurons — cells, loss of which causes the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease — can be grown from the skin of the person.
Parkinson’s disease — one of the scourges of modern civilization aging. According to statistics in the world of Parkinson’s disease affects about one percent of all people over 70 years. The main manifestations of Parkinson’s disease — slowness of movement, trembling of the limbs, stiffness of muscles, instability of balance, depression, anxiety, irritability and indifference to others. This disease is associated with loss of specific nerve cells — the dopamine neurons. If you have lost 70-80% of these neurons have symptoms of Parkinson’s disease: a violation of movement, tremor (trembling in the limbs). In the future patients lose the ability to produce voluntary movements: dopamine regulates motor activity. The most effective tool today in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease was established Austrian scientist of Ukrainian origin Olech Hornikevichem. In 1960 he first described the deficiency of dopamine in Parkinson’s disease and in 1961 proved the effectiveness of treatment with the dopamine precursor levodopa, unfortunately, did not get completely well-deserved Nobel Prize (along with Arvid Carlsson).

In general, dopamine — «pleasure hormone» — effectively regulates the movement.

Its low level in the body leads to disruption of traffic, whereas elevated levels of dopamine causes hyperactivity, physical and mental stimulation.

A group of scientists from Italy, some of whom are experts of Russian origin, have come close to the treatment of Parkinson’s disease on the other side: instead of introducing a dopamine into the body, they offer the deficit of cells that produce it — dopamine neurons — resources of the organism.

Cellular therapy — replacing destroyed dopamine neurons in the brains of patients with the «new» — a very promising method of treatment. However, until now growing neurons from cells of the patient was supposed to pass through the stage of stem cell IPS — with induced plyuriponetnostyu. Safety of their use raises serious issues: the infinitely divisible, they can give rise to cancer. The new approach involves obtaining dopamine neurons directly from connective tissue cells — fibroblasts.



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