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Navalny: Putin expressed confidence

Опубликовано Сен 28, 2011 в Blog-English

Just two days ago, Alex Navalny published his brilliant post « said the same rule will change not as a result of the election«. But today a new, no less relevant material about Vladimir Putin.

A wonderful writer Zakhar Prilepin was at today’s meeting with Putin Writers.

Well, with the directness of the Russian writer asked him about the Gunvor and, even more interesting, «the work of Transneft».

By Gunvoru Putin (suddenly) not relevant.

«I’m never going to climb and climb is not going to. I hope that he will never in my business to poke his nose will not «- said Prime Minister

Timchenko itself has become so rich. Like, he persuaded the oil workers to trade through his company at very favorable terms.

A talented businessman, who refused Russian citizenship, but continue to rely on our oil.
Citizen of the World, Cho.

With Transneft’s even more fun:

At the request of Prilepin he had to comment on the scandal and other corrupt overtones — Alexei Navalny promulgated a story about embezzlement of «Transneft» in volume of about $ 4 billion

Putin expressed confidence that the company was not committed any criminal acts.

«If there was something punishable, I assure you — there is a long time behind bars would sit people» — said the prime minister.

You refresh your memory.



Today, the future President of Russia VV Putin has clearly stated (even confident): Do not believe their eyes. Was nothing like that.

If it were, we would UUUHH! But it was not.
So do not UUUHH, and vice versa.

Today in Transneft’s all get drunk with happiness.
Weinstock, pulled billions abroad to celebrate a new birthday.

Rogues in the state-owned companies across the country will breathe with relief and raise a toast to the new President, breathless in anticipation of new arrivals.

I am very grateful Zakhar Prilepin, because, thanks to his questions, today we have the answer to «what the next term of Putin» in concrete examples.
Figuratively and effectively.


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