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Mr. Freeman: Open letter to President Video — We do not want to endure another 12 years. Subscribe!

Опубликовано Окт 12, 2011 в Blog-English


Protest in Russia.

Today on the radio «Echo of Moscow» placed a great movie appeal to the president, which includes the following points:

  •         No normal person will not give up control over the country, with such features;
  •         8 years the country was inevitably to the bottom, like her famous submarine;
  •         We preached the dictatorship of the law, but were killed in the prison of those who sought justice;
  •         We were told: «GDP is growing,» — but destroyed the business;
  •         We promised to restore order, but plunged the country into the darkness of the Middle Ages;
  •         And now he wants to come back? To ruin the country? To say that «It has sunk»? ENOUGH! The old can be new!
  •         We do not want to endure another 12 years! We want law and order and freedom!

And let a few of us believes that that cry of despair will be heard and that people will react.
But any attempt to stop that lawlessness, which slyly called «democratic elections», to be welcomed.
We are no longer considered by voters of the country. We are no longer considered human beings and we have selected one of the most important rights granted by God — the right choice.

And so I urge all see this movie and realize that:

More important moment in our country have never been!

We, the undersigned, ask: «SAVE OUR COUNTRY! We will remember this.»

I subscribe to.

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