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Koh Samui. Sunrises … Sunsets … (lots of photos)

Опубликовано Авг 20, 2012 в Blog-English

So, we wrote that:

Koh Samui — an island of happiness. How easy to be on Koh Samui.

Life on Koh Samui – How much?

Children on Koh Samui. Children’s holiday on the island of happiness — the recommendation.

Koh Samui — fruit paradise. What kind of fruit in Thailand, the most delicious?


Koh Samui is a treasure and the treasure of the most unexpected things and meanings. Every day there are extraordinary, magical and fantastic event. And the most unusual daily miracles can be called:

Sunrises and sunsets on Samui

Can not get used to it. I ofigevayu of this beauty on a daily basis. And every time I catch myself on the fact that neither describe nor to draw, let alone take a picture of this miracle possible. There is no such technology and such words that could convey the same time, and very beautiful, and stupor in front of her.

Yet I would venture to put on your court a number of photos taken on my soap dish is very unsophisticated.

And here’s what’s important. Sun on Koh Samui rises and sets very quickly. I have the feeling that someone up there at 6 am, includes a light bulb, and it turns 18:30. So, things are changing very quickly — in his eyes. Nature wakes up with a splash. And sleep well, and victoriously enchanting. And from the rapidity of this change is unrealistic riotous colors of the observer covers a wave of excitement.

Photographed with virtually all shutter speeds. And how the landscape! Observe the dynamics.















As you know, you have to see first hand, than hundred times to see the pictures.

And if you paid attention to the fact that a lot of pictures taken from the deck of a ship? Yes, there is such a favorite pastime of our Russian natives — leave monthly from Koh Samui to Malaysia for an extension of visa-free regime. And for this we must take a ferry to Donsaka (Mainland) at 6:00 in the morning. A back of the boot up Donsaka Thon (town on Koh Samui) at 6:00 pm. That is all, for only one day is an extraordinary opportunity to pofotat and sunset and sunrise from the perspective «from the ocean.»

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