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Koh Samui — fruit paradise. What kind of fruit in Thailand, the most delicious?

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So, we wrote that:

Koh Samui — an island of happiness. How easy to be on Koh Samui.

Life on Koh Samui – How much?

Children on Koh Samui. Children’s holiday on the island of happiness — the recommendation.

And now — about delicious!

Fruit on Koh Samui.

Try different fruits on the tooth — is the most Beloved of all classes who found themselves on the island of happiness. (well, except that after swimming and sunbathing).

There’s a lot of fruits, vegetables here are different, they are sold in malls and markets, and just a little fruit trays.

Also, peeled, sliced​​, packaged and chilled fruit pieces can be bought in mobile shops on wheels.

A. The most favorite to all guests of Thailand — is of course a mango.

Mangoes are a few species. The tastiest and most famous brand in Thailand — a yellow-orange. They are the most sweet at full ripening. They also have a very soft texture, soft fibers and soft easy to clean skin, unlike other varieties.

Thais somehow more like green mango. They eat them and so, and prepare salads from them.

Green mangoes are in orange and yellow. They have a thicker skin and coarser fibers, the sweetness of a little less shade taste different.

The skin can be easily cleaned. It’s like brush your banana. Inside the large oblong pit mangoes.

Mango is a very, very tasty, sweet and juicy.

Mango season falls on February-June.

Two. Arriving at Samui pull on the coconuts! Coconut milk, I drink this every morning — a great refreshing and tonic.

Carry coconuts to fruit can only be conditional. Yet it is a nut. But how to talk about fruits Samui and not to mention a coconut? After all, coconut paradise called Koh Samui. Coconut palms here everywhere: on the beach and in the jungle, and … directly in front of my face at that moment, when I type this text.

In use (in a food sense) are only green coconuts. That they are sweet and tart sweet coconut milk. They also find tasty flesh. Moreover, the greener the coconut, the softer it pulp and juice.

(ripe coconuts afraid! they fall on your head!)

Coconuts are sold at 13-20 baht per share. For opening a coconut is necessary to have a firm hand, certain skills and machetes. Bam bam-bam— and opened a coconut! Catch the buzz …

Three. The most legendary fruit — durian is without a doubt.

Around this fruit, and in fact, a lot of myths and legends. Some consider him divine, one very useful, some undoubtedly harmful, some wildly smelly, some wonderfully tasty.

They say that the flesh of durian cream in a mature state, like ice cream or pastry cream.

I like this fruit is absolutely not like that. It is scratchy, smelly and tastes like onion sauce in the worst of his execution.

However, everyone must make their own opinion about durians. Especially because Thais adore him, so that the dog is still fumbled around …

4.  Pretty nice little fruktik rambutan. Looks like a pink hedgehog. 🙂

Small red hairy fruktiki, easy to open arms, inside a white sweet-sour myakost, with a small bone. The brighter the color of their skin, the better. I really like the rambutan.

Five. But the Salak or snake fruit I do not really like it. Probably because he was very scratchy. That’s a real wild hedgehog!

Most likely, this was the name of this fruit because of his «snake» skin 🙂 herring flesh yellowish, thick, slightly sour, inside bone. By the way, very tasty. So I have nothing on him Burcu. 🙂

6. Jackfrukt. Delicious!

Very large fruit, like some huge durians. Most often it is sold already peeled, because of large size, and also because of problems with his razdelyvaniya. The fact that the jackfruit peel and pulp layers between the segments contained a sticky substance — latex … that you can just wash oil (coconut, vegetable, or other).

The flesh is sweet dzhekfrukta. Well, very sweet. Dzhekfrukt will look great in any fruit salad.

7. Longan — it is delicious.

Longan fruits are small, it grows in clusters on the branches, the pulp is sweet and has a small bone. trigger beige, white pulp, slices, slightly transparent, with a sour taste sweet. Season from May to November. Very tasty, sweet, easy to clean.

Eight. I adored the mangosteen.

Very tasty sweet-sour fruit — it is impossible to describe the taste, but something between a strawberry and orange. Flesh is white, very soft, pitted. When the ripe fruit, it is easy to clean hands, gently peel is soft. You can also clean the mangosteen with a knife, cut the peel in the middle and open the half.

Mangosteen — a great immune!

From my experience: have to choose pink or white-pink fruit — they are very tender.

9. Incredibly sweet tamarind fruit

Immediately and can not be said that this fruit, because it looks like a big brown peeled peanuts.

Tastes like toffee, dates, honey, dried prunes. It grows in pods, contains many small black seeds.

10. Guava.

In Thailand, this fruit has always sell immature. Peel the green, white pulp, like a quince. Ripe guava has not had a chance to try it, but that good taste and pleasant. Often used in salads.

11. Papaya. (I love it there!)

This fruit grows in Talande year round, there is a variety with orange peel, sometimes with green, but the flesh is always a bright orange when ripe papaya. The taste is very unusual, like a sweet vegetable. Smell is also an original 🙂 Inside the many small bones, like the larvae 🙂

Papayevye trees grow everywhere, almost like a banana.

In my opinion the most delicious variety — small fruit, with orange peel.

From the green papaya cooked delicious (and very sharp!) Salads.

12. A well-known to all pineapples, melons and bananas!

Here there is a big banana in Russia, but I never eat them, the taste can not be compared with small … small bananas are many kinds, all very different taste, texture and color of the flesh and skin.

Welcome to Koh Samui, where you can enjoy the incredible variety of fruit flavors and improve health, tortured rosiyskoy long winters.


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