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Koh Samui — an island of happiness. How easy to be on Koh Samui.

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How can you be in heaven. And here stuck.

Immediately, I note that my story can be very instructive for older people. That is, for retirees and those preparing for retirement.

The story of how quickly and happily, you can change your life for the better.

It all started a frosty December morning in 2011 just before the New Year. Skype squealed like hell, and pulled me out from under a thick warm blanket. Outside the window was dark, the windows of the barrel. Not in the sense like Stirlitz, and nothing less than blown away by the cold. Cursing the young cavalier party, I dragged to companies and activated the video window skype. Called son. Behind his smiling face on the tooth in a 32 something lapping turquoise green with something, but most clearly visible palms. Lots and lots of tall palm trees.

«Hi, mom! I am in Thailand on Koh Samui! Come here quick! «

— Cheerfully and gaily cried the son.

«Yeah, now brush my teeth, and once I leave …»

— I replied with a grim, trying to invest in your voice up sarcasm.

«No, no. I’m not kidding, let’s quickly buy a ticket to Bangkok, there are words. You can not imagine how there’s great here — heaven! And I want you to live in paradise for life, not after … «

— Chattered happily son.

And then it struck me. Not in the sense like Stirlitz. It struck a light feeling. And at this moment in my room looked cold Siberian first ray of sun. It was a sign.

«Ok. Wait. If you are not joking «

— I smiled. icon smile

«I’m waiting!»

— Cried the son, so that the dynamics of hacking vibrated.

Slightly recovered from such abrupt and positive change in his mood, I immediately rushed to look for in an Internet ticket to Thailand to Bangkok. They were not ahead loomed the long Christmas «vacation» and all the bureaucratic brethren claws pricked toward the warm countries. (Sad pensioners and state employees at this time content with buying tangerines and prepared for a long and painful acquisition «Olivier.»)

«Ruzkiinezdayutso!» I decided. And book tickets on January 13. Friday. On the day tickets were settled by bureaucrats in the Orthodox-pagan superstitions, mixed with the platonic love for themselves.

A return ticket, I decided not to buy. You never know what …

New Year’s went by quickly, as required to complete a lot of different kinds of work and close a number of obligations.

I can not say that I’m not worried. Health I have not the most Herculean. Financial affairs are not very bright. Age is not the youngest. A knowledge of English tend to zero.

«But the attempt — not torture, and when, if not now?» — Tried to persuade myself.

Night from 12 to 13 January, I met at the airport in Novosibirsk. Flight «Tolmachevo-Bangkok» was detained in connection with the non-arrival of the aircraft from Dusseldorf to Moscow. Grasp the logic of this was difficult, but I had to pick up. Slicing the infernal circles of Chillmere area, I consoled myself that Friday the 13th has nothing to do with it. Vyuzhilo, crackling frost. Nehily a frost — at minus 30.

Instead, the ticket stated 2:20 we took off at 10:50.

In Bangkok, arrived in the evening. Clearly following the instructions, sent his son to my email, I’m pretty successfully passed the passport control and pulled away from the international zone at will.

In Koh Samui we landed too late. But what I saw coming out of the cabin cool in hot and black tropical night, completely deprived me of fatigue.

Samui Airport made a lasting impression. Lasting up to opupeniya. No wonder that he was recognized as the most stylish airport in the world. Actually, all that represented the airport, more like an amusement park from a distant childhood. Traveling girl Masha in a fairy tale. But not the airport in its strict and technological understanding.


Toy airplanes with fun pictures on the board:


Toy bus, driven by the ramp to the terminal:


Toy fabulous airport terminals. Terminals without a wall! Just like thatched roofs, supported on columns like palm:


And then I understood. Fairy tale begins! This is — a paradise, where you can go in life! Hello, Koh Samui!


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