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Is there life on pensions? (photo-story about a dream)

Опубликовано Июл 11, 2011 в Blog-English

Is there life in retirement? Are there any retirement? Science, as expected, it is not known.

Some people say that retirement is not, because it is not life, and most prison and atskie flour. Others argue that life after retirement and found the most incredibly interesting and attractive form. Who will believe?

Of course, at first everything seems unusual:
— On one side: a) do not have to jump up at half past five in the morning and rush to work, and b) do not have to bow obsequiously to the authorities, so that this bastard did not you cut in front of the pension, and c) do not tolerate Strong hints to your young employees allegedly already not elderly, but just have some old (from their point of view) age, d) in the end, do not wear a tie every day (or do battle makeup), and you can spend days lying on the couch and read their favorite books or interesting to watch the show, or walking with their grandchildren to the zoo. And this is a definite plus!

— On the other hand: a) sort of like a pustovato and anxiety for so many years gave life to this enterprise, as it is there without me? b) and talk again, no one, well, not with the old fart on a bench in the same sitting, the bones neighbors wash up? c) to read the book bothered, they have long been re-read everything, and grandchildren grow too rapidly and sometimes it seems that they are with us is not that interesting … d) yes, and the pension is too small, it is necessary at times to deny yourself daveshnih habits play around with something unusual .. Opensource projects, eh … It is without doubt a minus. : (
But if you look at all the different angle?
How many other interesting things flying past us, not even braked?
What a tempting us before had neither the time nor the energy?
What we wanted to do but never had time?
Well, it’s time to remember those dreams.

And, after all, surely someone will remember that 20 years ago and have not found time to enroll in a karate or martial arts. It’s time, I assure you. In any case, a section of yoga you long been waiting for.

And someone will remember that long ago wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat a lot of walking, to invent a new diet, diet recipes to create, to create new theories on pitch-longitudinal feed and learn all the secrets of alternative medicine yes that’s just before it was impossible with a furious work schedule and dining snacks dry. And when to this dream, if not now? And who, if not you?

And someone had not had time to practice your favorite cozy quiet affair: crafts, sewing, origami technique or even soft toys for the grandchildren and their friends

And certainly there are those who always dreamed to wander with a camera in the autumn alleys and narrow streets of the «old town» or even become a real photochronicler

I’m not surprised that there are some fine nature, that all life dreamed to create his own rock band or solo on stage. But the family, a solid work, children and parents are not supportive of and do not encourage this enthusiasm. And then came the moment when the impossible became possible 🙂

But who among us has not dreamed of each new day to start with jogging? Hooray! And it is now possible!

Dance-Dance-Dance — how bright dream ….

And it is possible and so😉

Or so …

And for someone to suddenly invade the memories of how, in the fifth grade, he or she wrote or wrote very well, funny stories, the whole school laughed and cried as much as the head teacher with enthusiasm and predicted that his fame O’Genry not less … Well — the flag in his hands! Especially because publishing platform now available to anyone this is my blog.


In general, the list can be long and anyway I do not guess, because each of us dream of mine.

And believe me, dreams can come true not only of Gazprom!

I just want to note that any dream can be turned into an idea. That is, through the implementation of this vision can and should receive not only did the incomparable aesthetic and moral satisfaction, but also a good idea to correct its budget. However, it is not necessary. Everyone chooses for himself.
After all, the main thing it’s to enjoy life, to love each other, and love your family and be happy with 100. Trite, but true.

And as I wrote above, anyone can easily join the most popular hobby right now — keeping the Internet blog. 🙂 I assure you, it’s not complicated. And very, very interesting. By the way, the format of this site allows it to my personal blog. All your materials will be posted on the main page (if you want it), but stay in your personal blog, where you can correspond with other site visitors, make yourselves friends, create groups and communities and share their views in the forums of interest.
Necessary to begin with a simple: sign up.
If you have any doubts, ask questions — happy to answer them.
If there is uncertainty in their knowledge of laptop, I advise you to read the article «Computer + pensioner = friendship forever!»
Although few people are surprised by the computer.))) So I hope that the article I posted quite in vain.
But the interesting review issledovaniyay that the most rapidly growing segment of the Russian Internet market — it’s the older and retirement age, here’s a review I certainly will prepare and publish soon. By the way, absolutely declare that VKontakte Classmates and mastered almost all of my grandmother, once the Soviet Union, the Komsomol. and no doubt all entirely athletes and the beauty — it is something to remember each other. 🙂

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