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How to calculate pension Russian deputy? (head of the regional council pension Sverdlovsk region — 300 000 or 10 000 $ / month)

Опубликовано Окт 16, 2011 в Blog-English


Pensionable deputies in Russia. Pension speaker of the regional legislature of the Sverdlovsk region of 10 thousand dollars/ month.

In April, members of the Regional Duma of Sverdlovsk region is strongly attended to their pensions.

They became afraid that some of them have to leave the cushy chair. A «beautiful life» they really liked it and eventually stuck in a persistent habit.

Therefore, the «United Russia» (well, something they generally can not imagine life on one salary) launched an initiative to introduce a new procedure for calculating the pensions of deputies.

How to calculate pension deputy Sverdlovsk region?

Calculate retirement  the deputy was very simple: you add up all the profits the deputy with all the allowances and benefits (oh, sorry you can not bribes and kickbacks to the same sum, here we could all come off …) and multiplied by the coefficient of beautiful — and have a great a nice retirement for the individual citizens of Russia.

As a result of preliminary calculations retirement, it is clear that the pensioner, a deputy to be even more profitable than a deputy.

Approximate calculation of pension members with all the markups

The calculation of pensions according to the deputy-life
Calculation of pension, lifetime member of — up to one year
The total income multiplied by 1.35 or pension will amount to 135%
(or the amount of monthly pension of about $ 3,500/ month as of 2011)
Calculation of pension, lifetime member of — more than a year The total income multiplied by 1.6 or pension will be 160%
(or the amount of monthly pension of about $4300/ month as of 2011)
The calculation of pensions head of the Duma of Sverdlovsk gives pension 10 thousand dollars/ month

Is not it very nice to get a pension? 10 thousand dollars a month — it will not huhry-muhry …

Who said that our country is small pensions? In our country, very nice retirement!

What would my grandmother, receiving pension 8000 rubles? But who cares? Own grandparents? Well, go on, my grandmother … in Parliament!

But it’s clear from what we have is increasing the average pension — it’s deputies of United Russia has steadily increased pension statistics. They have 10 000 a month, and you have a — 0. We summarize: 10000 +0 = 10000. Divide into two parts: 10000 / 2 = 5000. And we get the two of you on the average pension in 5000 dollars per month. What more do you want that?


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