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Citizen Poet: Walking the patient. Poetry reading Dmitry Bykov, Mikhail Efremov. Video, audio, text

Опубликовано Ноя 7, 2011 в Blog-English

Poetry reading Dmitry Bykov, Mikhail Efremov

LISTEN (03:30)

In the latest edition of «Citizen of the poet» — Andrei Voznesensky.

His famous «Saga» was inspired by Dmitry Bykov to think about just two of the «Russian march» (in Lublin and authentic alternative, organized movement «Nashi» VVC), held in Moscow on November 4. Performed by Mikhail Efremov.


You wake me at dawn,
I wake up from a heavy glance:
— We are on the march, my dear! Do not forget?
— At what? — And what do you want?


The choice is, if you please do not doubt
I would not wake you otherwise.
In Lublin going to Nazis
In the VVC going to «Our».


Migrant workers to pull the vein
And Caucasians rolls on her neck …
Who’s that Russian — they have not decided
But perhaps the one who scarier.


And Caucasians go to the track,
Angered by these idylls,
Because the supreme class
It’s like — to go.


Go to bottom imperial tandemtsy,
Inseparable as brown cherry …
Only Jews do not go on marches:
They say they are already out.


I answer: — You think, as a hobby
Shorty, who dreamed of stardom.
For they only walk
So as not to remember where they were sent.


To the ridge and threw Heil
Rumbling, as rain on the tin,
And banners waved to,
And did not know that walking on the spot.


These fears, first inflate,
And when they paralyze us —
All you need to calmly razrulit,
And then carefully cut it.


I remember something, because older
What Russia without screaming and weeping
Did not go to the Russian marches,
But the Russian was, and walking.


And do not believe anyone fornication,
And do not fall into a black goo …
Of course, I will not forget her,
But I’m afraid that will not see it.


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