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Citizen Poet — Uncle Stepa — billionaires (video), read poetry D Bykov, M Efremov

Опубликовано Июл 10, 2011 в Blog-English

Poetry reading Dmitri Bykov Mikhail Efremov

Far away, in the village Yeruda,
The whole routine in the peaceful affairs
He lived away from here
Uncle Stepa-milyarder.
This nickname often heard
From his fellow villagers,
Though he was on a course of Misha
But do not be angry at it.

Uncle Stepa was successful.
Honest work of his cherished.
Before the crisis okeshen
Uncle Stepin capital.
Everyone loved Uncle Stepa
For its beauty and become
Kissed only in the ass —
Above it was not to get it.

Arguing with him was too expensive:
Tidied up his hand
«Polyus Gold» and «Quadro»
«Renaissance» and the RBC
And yet at the steppes were
«Optogan» and e-mobiles.
And, shameless teasing
And jealous people
Never skiing
He did not go without b … b …

He rattled the whole of Europe —
Amsterdam, Paris and Cannes.
But suddenly summoned Stepa
The biggest giant.
He said: «Listen, Tap Dance!
Embodied in the dreams reality!
I suggest not to banter —
«It’s right» head.
No scandals, no protest
Without any particular passion —
And entertain second place
After the party in power! «.

— Yes! — Exclaimed Uncle Stepa
Not afraid of big things,
And there went out of the trench,
Where before he was sitting.
And they came to him clearly,
As banners, whiz,
«Polyus Gold» and «Quadro»
RBC and «Renaissance»
Raising clouds of dust,
E-flying e-mobiles,
And, for fear of losing
Its rightful million,
Following detachment was beautiful —
All the Legion of Honor!

All without the noise and dust
For the worthy lava
In this game came
With Uncle Stepa headed.
And it’s easy and fairly,
Without any particular ideas,
Ranked second
By the number of b … b …

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