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Citizen Poet — Uletnaya (videos, audio download, listen)

Опубликовано Июл 11, 2011 в Blog-English

In the latest edition of «Citizen of the poet» — Michael Isakovsky.

Several interesting events happened in Russia as if on purpose to Dmitry Bykov wrote his version of the poem Isakovskogo «flying migratory birds,» set to music Blanter.

Performed by Mikhail Efremov.


Migratory birds fly,
Flying outside of Moscow,
Fly, do not want to return
Eagles, grouse and lions.
On the sweet smell of freedom,
Fearing that is about to be banned,
And women tend to the west,
And the grandmother to the same fly.

With divine easily smoke
In Brussels, Washington and Foros
Volodya and Dima Fly —
They are out there being taken seriously.
Forgetting about the father-mother,
Flying a string of slaves.
So many of our departed,
With London already as Tambov.

Signs are so ominous —
But, in fact, comme a la guerre, —
What now are flying and things
Svezennye to Seliger.
A terrible problem there:
As a girl, picked up the hem,
They flew tent
As a symbol of family prospects.

Look: an unusually beautiful,
Easily, leaving no trace,
Russian all perspectives
Starring an unknown destination.
Naturally, the findings brief
And too clear motive:
After all, even in this tent
There are no prospects.

Country flies, in a word,
In a fit of anguish and shame,
And only with Nemtsov Milov
You can not fly anywhere.
To the delight of touching Nashists
And the other cheering digging,
Judicial waking usher
Boundary in front of them closed.

With the power and the old stagnant,
Although the memory of her road
Considered most terrible punishment
Uslat enemy abroad.
And this unhappy couple
The country is convinced her,
That today most horrible punishment —
Staying in one’s own land.


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