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Citizen Poet. Twenty years — not a damn. (video and audio versions, look, listen, download)

Опубликовано Авг 22, 2011 в Blog-English

Poetry reading Dmitri Bykov Mikhail Efremov

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In the latest edition of «Citizen Poet» — Vladimir Mayakovsky.

20 years ago, in August of ’91, many of us were like «there will be a garden city.» Where are our dreams? Version presents Dmitri Bykov Mikhail Efremov.


On the ground drops fell.
Showed white through the rain with difficulty,
Bristle barricades
Moscow White House.
Now, of course, ashamed
But twenty years ago
We thought that soon
There will be a garden city.


We thought if after all,
Naive fools,
What if we are not pressured
Then we are cool,
We are given freedom,
Scoop will not resurrect —
Four years later
There will be a garden city.


Then do not become grandmothers,
The order of decayed,
Country has fallen on its side
And cracked at the seams
Zatlela on the outskirts of
And set off for scrap
Poisoned, oslavlennym,
Fused piece.
But we — not the breed
To scare us collapse.
Four years later
There will be a garden city!


Then zapili heroes,
Parted with shame,
Then smashed volleys
The same White House
Dope on whether, whether out of malice
Vzyarilis children of the mountains —
We have so many out there ditch,
It was terrible so far.
But the clouds in the hour of sunrise
Resilient all hang.
Four years later
There will be a garden city!


Then, in an oligarchy
There was a redistribution,
Leading zagavkali,
Boris overlooked.
Rangers klopovnika
Sent to the flight
Tikhon, Lieutenant-Colonel
From St. Petersburg marshes
And a crowd of people
Kiss ass new:
Four years later
There will be a garden city!


Fronts invisible warrior
Dressed in a king!
I learned a lot
Thanks to you.
I memorize, as expected,
Without false shame:
Neither the city nor the garden
Never will be.
Dreaming too heavy
About Century gold.
And there was a garden once,
The city was then.
Came a different fashion,
Predictions here are simple:
Four years later
There will be only you.


Farewell to the barricades
Farewell, iron trash.
We were fools,
When standing there.
It’s time to admit quietly,
Leaving the ceremony,
That in addition to Lieutenant Colonel,
There will be nothing.
He prytkostyu lover
Penetrated into all minds.
I looked at the lieutenant colonel —
And I saw that we are.
Left to drink without spilling,
To the white pigs.
There is no other way
To arrange a garden city.

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