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Citizen Poet: Сroak. Poetry reading Dmitry Bykov, Mikhail Efremov. Video and audio.

Опубликовано Окт 24, 2011 в Blog-English


Poetry reading Dmitry Bykov, Mikhail Efremov

download (1.0 MB) // listen (04:20)


In the latest edition of «Citizen of the poet» — Edgar Allan Poe.

In connection with the death of Qaddafi Maumara Bykov diversify «The Raven» Poe.

Performed by Mikhail Efremov.


At the hour of the night in the house of a family, I sat with my port-wine
In the mood tavern, resting from labor.
Suddenly in a fit of tihoveynom raven — to call McCain —
Came from instead of hissing zmeynym Song Thrush.
He croaked, «Mr. Putin that night the spirit of sedition.
Clammy fear ezheminuten, poisoned his years.
He Kutafia beyond the tower, watching photos
Raving fate Gaddafi — the extermination without trial.
I replied: «Never!».


— What do you mean? — Raven croaked, absorbed in conversation.
— There was a tyrant, and now — he won, by the greatness of a trace,
Relentless and brave, he was killed in a tube drainage,
After passing the multi-storey palace and home towns.
And your great men can get exactly the same
Oddly climbs out of the skin all the horde guard.
I exclaimed, «Never!»


I said, «Holder Buffy difficult to compare with Gaddafi
In terms of persons and biographies, in terms of benefit and harm.
Yes, Qaddafi was a villain, but was committed to the ideas
Well, what we have, do remember the taste of shame?
Is there a team of at least any views
In addition to the idea that better aypady geytsova vinda?
Raven croaked, «Never!»


I said, ‘You know, the raven, which called Gadhafi a thief
Can do everything, and even a choir — tyril generously, yes.
But the salary of the Libyan could not stop;
That is, he was able to share, as he said would Dzhigurda!
In the conceit hurt his people counting cattle,
He fed his jam. Well, these gentlemen?
Raven croaked, «Never!»


I said, «Let the shit he is, but not to the extreme clown.
And flatterers kissed you know where,
But that he, as a godfather in the barracks, appeared on journalism,
Hundreds of «Nashi» cloacal bringing with him there,
Piggy with a hundred edinorosom harvested from the question
How to bring chesom ohamevshaya star? »
Raven croaked, «Never!»


I said, «Imagine a bird that people did not know fear,
Rises from the ashes, swelling, as Yelda,
Overthrown the regime of a club, yesterday’s favorite,
With all the savagery of the deep — a jeep, ‘Kalash’ and beard, —
And overthrew the president, dropping the mask impotent,
For some un moment would have said Farad! »
Raven croaked, «Never!»


— Now, — I said — a bird, you know, be proud
Our low-fat fat capital of Russia?
Why do we suddenly become so warm and stale,
Why on us the next day did not tell the BBC, C?
Believe: for our utihshy murmur, whisper of the creeping
And for all the Russian experience and the vertical axis
States, Chinatown and Europe will soon tell us merci! »
Raven croaked: «Suck.»

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