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Citizen Poet — Shizorvanka (video and audio versions, download)

Опубликовано Июл 25, 2011 в Blog-English


In his next release project «Citizen Poet» is Alexander Blok.

How it would sound «Stranger» now — when everything from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to girls from the social network VKontakte, ready to «break for Putin?»

Version presents Dmitri Bykov Mikhail Efremov.

The network is full of videos —
They are teenagers stick:
There’s the girl with the eyes of rabbits
«Porvoo for Putin!» Shout.

And every evening at the appointed hour
Under the shout of drunken prostitutes
Satin bra rasherachenny,
As a pair of bonnets, flying.

Hello, a student with a throat loudly,
How nezaviden your destiny!
I saw you stranger —
And razorvankoyu saw.

Even yesterday, wrapped in silk —
You’re daring to bare his chest.
What to do and something for Putin
How not to break anyone?

That sounds warlike music
Solid, «Hooray!» Broken mouth,
The whole yard is filled with roaring Tuzik,
Who passionately heater breaks.

Medvedev with the flexibility of the gauntlet,
Frightening doychlandsky people
Merkel breaks for Putin
And that they have «Quadriga» vomit.

Believing flat pattern,
Fearing angered heaven
Artist Mashkov moved into the party
And the tears on the body hair.

Vadim Samoilov in the form of a poodle
Artem T. broken for two
Soloviev screaming for Putin —
But it breaks, do not say out loud.

And there’s drunk: confused his way.
In the headdress, «Do not forget the mother,»
And it tears, but tears for Putin —
Where else can break here?

I look at the murky vegetable
Window sullenly dissolved.
You’re right, drunken monster.
What is a hero — that impulse.

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