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Citizen Poet: Sami with Osama (new video project «Citizen Poet»)

Опубликовано Июл 10, 2011 в Blog-English

Poetry reading Dmitri Bykov Mikhail Efremov

In Al-Qaeda had a large dam,
And a great triumph — a cowboy.
Those who sleep do not let those who blew up all the time —
Finally, never returned from battle.

He threatened random, the laws poklal,
Selling drugs and slaves,
But honestly sorry — I do not know about you, —
Now he has got to Obama.

And the world will shake the bloody details,
And the moment suspicious, strange …
It was necessary, I think, still the court —
Although the Hague, but rather the Basmanny.

— What kind of pathetic nonsense! — You cry out loud
Pacifism does not endure the spirit.
Do issyaknul our valiant spirit
Expressed only in parades?

Is our military glory kranty,
And the banners we swung to the side,
And our destiny — people such as fronts
With Nadia Babkina, klyanchaschey bucks?

— Certainly not! — I break forth in the answer.
We come cruel in real life.
We have other terrorists for several years
And several times killed.

But you can humanely, without any violent birth
Win over Osama victory.
As it would be in a tracksuit is good
In the White House coming to dinner!

To comfortably steaming hotbed of terror,
Hiding behind the PR uncomplicated,
To visit him came Sobchak —
Or who is there for them — Perishilton?

Here’s how to put up with the enemy in a draw.
You have created us from pariah
After all, we would have Osama rebuilt Chechnya
And you have not returned from the battlefield.

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