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Citizen Poet — Romance police (audio and video versions, download)

Опубликовано Авг 8, 2011 в Blog-English

In the latest edition of «Citizen  poet» — Eugene Baratynsky.

In connection with the suddenly emerged from the Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev desire to know what to listen, read and watch our citizens and bring them back to the roots — Romance and Waltz — Dmitri Bykov diversify, «Do not tempt me needlessly» Baratynsky. Performed by Mikhail Efremov.


    Do not tempt yourself unnecessarily.
Do not listen to rock, forget breakdancing.
Instead, the Russian special services
Recommend us to romance.
Beijing, Paris, Tbilisi, Kiev —
This has not happened anywhere else.
So can only Nurgaliyev —
The head of the native MIA.
Suppose someone took the habit
Open locks — but in the meantime
He tearfully throws the pick
At the first bars of «Chrysanthemum».
Sometimes pure ohalnik
Or a complete moron
Of the victim pulled out a soldering iron,
Cole sings that «I loved you.»
Any woman cast a rapist
One on the crumpled sheet,
After hearing how the receiver requests
«Do not sing, my beauty, for me.»
I believe, even pedophiles,
What bred not joking
Suddenly become very nice,
Hearing «Sleep, sleep, child!»
And the thief without much Entertainer
Pochuet repentance fever
Hearing the song of Finance:
Romances — their favorite genre.
Do not tempt yourself unnecessarily,
The head thoughtfully shaking —
Like, Nurgaliyev, why are you
Culture firmly engaged?
There is not such idylls.
Everywhere uniform uproar.
There Tymoshenko was arrested,
And then Mubarak on trial;
On all trades — drop courses
Groans Syria a rogue …
And the only problem we have taste
Again, more important than any other.
Country where there may be about romance
Broadcast high polizei —
It is, of course, as if in a trance
But you would not reprimanded.
We have such distances,
What right do not hold us.
Here are two duty status:
Romances sing — all the plant il.
On the habits of a proud Jedi
He could gnobit ancestral land,
Cases vsechasno exciting …
Not hot! Not hot!
While the supreme alliances
Rowing latest loot —
Honest to God, sing songs better
That was all before.

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